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The right way to advertise your vacation rental on Airbnb

With over 400 million visitors in over 81,000 cities and 191+ countries, Airbnb has quickly become a leading source of bookings most favored by families, young professionals, and adventurous travelers. Their market includes an ever-increasing audience eager to enjoy new accommodation experiences. Find out how you can market your vacation rental on Airbnb, increase your views on Airbnb and work with an Airbnb certified channel manager to put your property in front of a bigger audience of potential guests.

How do I advertise my property on Airbnb?

You’ve probably been wondering how complicated it must be to rent on Airbnb – but it’s easier than you think, especially with an Airbnb certified channel manager. Airbnb is completely free to sign up and it’s free to list your property. Only after you receive a booking will you need to pay Airbnb hosting fees – generally 3% – so it’s a no-risk investment.

First things first, this is what you will need to do to sign up and list your home on Airbnb:

How to list on airbnb

1. Home Type

Select the type of property you’d like to advertise. There is a full range of options you can select from the ‘Other’ drop down if you’re place doesn’t fit into the common categories.

2. Room Type

For vacation rentals or serviced apartments, you will most likely select “Entire home/Apartment”.

3. Accommodates

Enter the maximum number of people your space can comfortably accommodate. This doesn’t mean you’ll only be visible to the maximum number but it is good to be flexible (Airbnb like that).

4. City

Doesn’t have to be a city, just wherever your place is.

5. Calendar

You’ll be asked to choose between three options for property availability: “Always”, “Sometimes” and “One Time”. Choose “Always” if you want your place to be listed indefinitely, “Sometimes” if you have specific dates you’d like to advertise, and “One Time” if you only have one period of time available.

6. Pricing

Airbnb will suggest a price for your listing based on their algorithm. If it’s the first time you’re listing, Airbnb will suggest pricing lower to entice guests, who will then leave reviews and build your reputation. You can also set weekly and monthly prices if you are planning to have guests at your vacation rental for longer.

An Airbnb certified channel manager makes it even easier by automatically synchronizing your availability and rates with Airbnb without creating an account – all you need to do is opt in with a single click!

7. Overview

This is the title and summary potential guests will see when browsing. You only have 35 characters to make an impression in the title so use descriptive and appealing adjectives to entice guests. For the summary, you have 250 characters, so really try and sell your place as succinctly as you can. Feel free to use bullet points!

8. Photos

The optimal number of images for an Airbnb listing is 10 but you can add more if you like, be sure they are high resolution (around 1024 x 683px). Show a varied selection and showcase the best angles and rooms. Airbnb offers free professional photography sessions for properties that match certain criteria so make the most of the opportunity if you can!

9. Amenities & Location

Select all amenities you have at your property, from the essentials to the extras, so guests have a complete picture. Then, finish off your listing by inserting the address of your apartment or house. Don’t worry, the exact location won’t be revealed to guests until their booking is confirmed.


Vacation rentals on Airbnb – examples

Airbnb was designed with home stays in mind, which makes it the best OTA to advertise self-catering properties on. If you’re unsure what you need to include, here are some examples of self-catering and vacation rental accommodation providers on Airbnb:

Le Cocon Stephanois – Serviced Apartment

advertise airbnb channel

As you can see from this example, the property has been listed with numerous high quality images of the rooms, so that guests know exactly what they can expect when staying here.

Duck Lodge – Luxury Cabin with hot tub

airbnb certified channel manager

This property has signed up to Airbnb Plus, which acts as a verification of quality from Airbnb, who says:

“Airbnb Plus is a selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail. Every home is verified through in-person quality inspection to ensure quality and design. Just look for the PLUS badge. Thoughtfully designed homes. Exceptional hosts. Verified for quality.”

However, properties must foot the bill for this in-person inspection, which costs $149 per listing. So it might be an idea to consider whether this is truly worth it for your business.

Another downside to Airbnb Plus is you must agree to only list your property on Airbnb and nowhere else (besides your own website). This is quite a commitment and it might suit you to advertise on OTAs to access a wider audience, and a more varied clientele.


How do I increase my views on Airbnb?

Just like SEO for accommodation businesses on google and other search engine results pages, Airbnb prioritizes listings with the following:

Up to date calendar

If you stay on top of your availability, the Airbnb algorithm will promote your listing because it recognizes that the host is active and responsive – which Airbnb likes. If this is too much effort, consider connecting to Airbnb with a channel manager, which will update your rates automatically and send you to the top of the list.

Accurate rates

You can use the property value calculator to work out how much to charge per room/place and Airbnb will suggest an appropriate price based on accommodation, amenities and location. To get chosen over similar listings, you’ll need to have competitive pricing, at least in the beginning while you accumulate reviews. As your listing gets more established, it’s good to keep in mind competitors’ pricing when deciding on rates.

One night stays

Airbnb likes flexible listings (and so do their customers). If you don’t have a minimum night restriction, you’ll appear on more searches.

Word your listing carefully

Much like using keywords in SEO, think about the search terms guests might use to find you and include them in your description. You could include a landmark you’re close to or an aspect of your accommodation that guests may be looking for (e.g. backyard).

High quality images

Make sure you have attractive images of your property, as Airbnb has a lot of competition and you need to look good to stand out. Airbnb offers free professional photography for properties in certain locations, or that meet certain criteria. You’ll attract more bookings by being well photographed anyway, but the Airbnb watermark on the pictures is an extra weapon to rank higher on the site’s searches.

Instant Book

This, again, shows your listing is flexible and convenient for guests, and will appear in more searches. You’ll also be able to access a demographic of guests who don’t want to wait around to book. For vacation rentals this is a no-brainer!

Great reviews

Guests trust properties with more (positive) reviews so maximize good reviews by giving guests a great stay and promptly ask them to return the favor with a review.

How to become a Superhost on Airbnb

Another way of ranking highly on Airbnb is to take your hosting to the next level by earning a Superhost badge. To get the coveted Superhost badge, you need to do the following:

  • Respond quickly
  • Don’t cancel bookings
  • Log into Airbnb everyday
  • At least 80% 5 star reviews
  • Host at least 10 trips a year

You can check your Superhost progress here.

Advertise on Airbnb with a channel manager

Airbnb Certified channel managers exist for a reason – so that they can be trusted to provide the optimal connection between Airbnb and your property. When choosing, see what information they synchronize with Airbnb, including:

  • Bookings
  • Availability
  • Rates
  • Images & Descriptions
  • Booking Policies

Whatever the style or shape of your property, a channel manager connected with Airbnb will be able to give you exposure – and bookings!

Best Channel Manager for Airbnb

Look for a channel manager that provides 2-way certified Airbnb connection, built on a reliable API – not just via iCal – that will bring you the following benefits:

  • Real-time property management
  • Instant updates of rates, availability, policies, photos & content
  • A simple commission model – no bookings = no costs!
  • One click opt-in / opt-out
  • Everything in one place, with automatic onboarding and updates


Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to advertise on Airbnb and you won’t be confused listing your home on the site.

So don’t miss the opportunity to gain great exposure for your serviced apartment or any type of vacation rental at a low cost. Opt in to Airbnb via an Airbnb certified channel manager today!

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