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Guests are back – what we’ve learnt so far since reopening

We are delighted to see that all accommodation types across the UK are now open, and guests are enjoying holidaying at your wonderful properties again. Now we must maximise the months ahead and make sure the huge pent-up demand stays here at home, and stays with you.

So on this latest Share Webinar we’ll be talking with the owners of properties already welcoming back holidaymakers, to learn what’s working, what’s not, how guests are behaving and the challenges faced. Along with finding out their best hints and tips to help us all along the road to a successful staycation filled summer.

Plus we’ll be discovering which of the new products and services that they needed to set up as a result of restrictions through the last year, have now turned into additional revenue streams.

Sharon Retson, owner of Chelsea House, will be with us to share their experiences from the first week of being open, and recent appearance on BBC Radio Cornwall. As well as how keeping communications flowing with previous guests through lockdown has led to an increase in repeat bookings.

Owner of Stay Derbyshire, Neil Siner, will be telling us why his portfolio of properties are in high demand, and how a recent celebrity guest has helped boost their bookings. Along with details of the new services they developed through the latest lockdown, which have evolved in to new sources of revenue.

Plus the owner of No. 27 Brighton, Wayne Jones, shares how the investment made in improving their property whilst closed, has led to them appealing to new guests. As well as why they are noticing much longer average lengths of stay being booked this year.

Whilst David Weston, Chairman of the Bed and Breakfast Association, will be with us to highlight any key challenges their members are facing now open again, and how they have overcome them.

When 26/05/2021 @ 12:00 pm GMT

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