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Unique? Over-the-top luxury? Cool design? The Hottest Property Award recognizes properties that simply have that “wow” factor. Whether they are forward thinking in design, have cool features (like an infinity pool over a mountain or 80s nostalgic game room with pinball and arcade), the hottest properties are the types that go viral on social media. Show to us that your property is the hottest place of the year, and how you transformed it into a visual phenomena.

Shortlisted Properties

Merry Harriers
Surrey, England


Ben Shea Smart Home
Moray, Scotland


Chambers of Distinction
County Antrim, Northern Ireland


Laythams Holiday Lets Retreat
The Lakehouse
Lancashire, England


Kilmartin Castle
Argyll, Scotland


Judging criteria

Applicants must show us that WOW factor, whether it’s through design, aesthetic, architecture or amenities. Judging will also be based on the property’s originality (what makes it unique/stand out), innovation (design and comfort) and how photogenic it is (is it the type to go viral on Instagram?). Attention to detail, exceeding expectations in comfort and cool factors are considered.

Hottest Property Award 2022 Judges

George Clode

George is a travel journalist, editor and award-winning content producer, who has worked in and alongside the travel industry for more than 10 years. He has edited magazines on everything from history and heritage to sustainability and the travel trade, specialising most recently in travel brand partnerships and content for national newspaper The Telegraph and online travel platform, Culture Trip.

Uwern Jong

Uwern is Experientialist®-in-Chief of OutThere magazine, a luxury travel and lifestyle journal. With a previous career in marketing and communications, Uwern co-founded OutThere over ten years ago with the dream to promote a more diverse media landscape and better representation in the luxury travel industry for his own community of LGBTQ+ travellers and today’s diverse luxury audiences. In 2022, Uwern was named one of Walpole’s “50 most influential people in British Luxury” and in 2020 was Campaign magazine’s “Editorial Leader of the Year.”

Angie Fowler

Angie started her career in tourism working for the Walt Disney World company in Orlando, Florida. This instilled in her a passion for the ‘guest experience’ – ways of creating personalised interactions with customers to memorable effect. She now represents the world-class Quality Assurance grading scheme at VisitScotland, working to encourage investment in quality in all sectors of Scottish tourism.

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