Are you a hostel looking to fill your beds?

We’re here to make it easy for guests to find you, and help you compete with hostel chains and streamline your processes. Ultimately, we aim to heighten your sales and lighten the load!

Our unique Revenue Team service enables you to optimise your rates based on accurate analysis of vast amounts of data, including historical demand, regional, seasonal and competitive influences, by property and market, as well as price sensitivity for a large number of segments and markets.


More flexibility.

Our online distribution channels provide more flexibility and the opportunity to yield your rates when the demand is high. This helps you create the demand when it is not there, ensuring that you never miss out on a booking.

Open up your business to the world and increase your flexibility:

Connect your hostel to hundreds of channels.

Enhance global brand awareness for your hostel.

Become a ‘Preferred partner’ on many channels ensuring priority rankings.

Arrange exclusive agreements with daily deals & group buying partners.

Reduce your administration overhead with payment and invoicing handling.

A little extra help.

Anyone running a hostel, who might need some extra help in filling those empty beds pronto, can also take advantage of:

  • Our dedicated Revenue Team with international expertise and high levels of market insight.
  • Daily rate review and visibility check.
  • Third party distribution costs monitored and capped.
  • Support available online and offline, 365 days a year.

What you get when you sign up with eviivo:

Dedicated Revenue Team.

The members of our creative Revenue Team have property management backgrounds. They understand what it is to work in the hostel industry, and are experts in selling rate recommendations.


“The reasons for signing up for eviivo’s Revenue Team service were to increase our average bed rate, competitiveness and increase our revenue. I’ve saved a lot of time in yielding prices daily and setting rate strategies in place as they’re done automatically” Journeys Greenwich West Hostel, London

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