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Are you a resort hotel looking to save time, boost your online exposure and outsmart your competition?

Here at eviivo, we’re on a mission to help resort hotels regain control of their inventory and be less pressured by tour operators.

Resort hotels have been dominated by tour operators for many years, which has resulted in the hotels cutting their rates and then feeling forced to provide enormous amounts of allocation to satisfy the tour operator. With eviivo, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

“The eviivo team is very professional and work hard for the best interest of the hotel. It is good to have the support of such a dedicated team to help me increase my revenue. I recommend eviivo to every sales and hotel manager.” Riad Palm Hotel, Tunisia.

Our unique Business Advantage service enables you to optimise your rates based on accurate analysis of vast amounts of data, including, historical demand, regional, seasonal and competitive influences, by property and market. Our online distribution channels provide more flexibility, lower commissions and the opportunity to yield your rates when the demand is high.

But that’s not all. Our incredible performance is also based on our ability to revise pricing recommendations at any time as new information becomes available. We also perform quick competitive analysis and deliver optimized daily rate recommendations that extend out for date ranges of up to two years in the future.

Connect your resort to all major booking sources.

Enhance global brand awareness for your resort.

‘Preferred partner’ with many channels ensuring priority rankings.

Exclusive agreements with daily deals and group buying partners.

Payment and invoicing handling which cuts out admin time.

Dedicated Revenue Team with international expertise and high levels of market insight.

Daily rate review and visibility check.

Third party distribution costs monitored and capped.

Support 365 days a year.

What you get when you sign up with eviivo:

  • A comprehensive online booking solution to help you manage your front-office, including a powerful payment and card processing tool that allows you to validate and pre-authorize cards, charge for no shows, and collect payments and settle commissions with all channels in one simple process.
  • Dedicated Revenue Team: Our creative revenue managers have property management backgrounds and appreciate the competitive nature of the resort market.

Why choose eviivo?

Open up your resort to the world and increase your flexibility:

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