Mise à jour eviivo connect pour les clients Xotelia

Depuis la fusion de Xotelia & eviivo France les équipes ont travaillé à preparer votre migration vers eviivo. Nous vous présentons eviivo connect, successeur de Xotelia, combinant le planning de réservation eviivo et les fonctionalités ‘channel manager’ que vous avez utilisées sous Xotelia.

La plateforme Xotelia va cesser d’opérer courant 2019.  De ce fait, les connexions à destination des Sites de vente Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, etc… seront suspendues, de même que la synchronisation de vos tarifs et disponibilités vers ces plateformes.

Il est donc dans votre intérêt de revenir vers nous au plus tôt pour discuter vos options de migration vers eviivo.

Les utilisateurs Xotelia peuvent désormais bénéficier d’une mise à jour simple et rapide vers eviivo connect, qui inclut :

  • Un planning ergonomique pour la gestion de vos réservations
  • Un moteur de réservation optimisé mobile
  • Un outil de facturation et d’analyse des performances
  • Accès aux cartes bancaires soumises en ligne, aux normes PCI-DSS niveau 1.

Lisez notre FAQ pour plus d’info ou découvrez la vidéo de migration du Relais du Chat Prosper ci-dessous.

Découvrez les fonctionnalités d’eviivo connect

Xotelia vs eviivo - Fonctions Clés

Planning de réservation


Le planning Xotelia  

 Gérez vos clients et réservations sur un joli calendrier.

Le planning eviivo

 Un planning intuitif et agréable pour
gérer vos clients et vos réservations en un clin d’œil !

Booking Engine

Moteur de réservation Xotelia

Un moteur de réservation simple pour prendre les réservations
directement depuis votre site.

Moteur de réservation eviivo

Un moteur de réservation compatible mobile pour directement réserver et payer en toute sécurité – Norme PCI-DSS Niveau 1.

Channel Manager

 Channel Manager Xotelia

Connexion aux agences en ligne, via iCal ou API,
pour la synchronisation instantanée de vos tarifs et disponibilités.

Channel Manager eviivo

Connection API aux plus grandes agences de voyages en ligne en un clic !
Synchronisation automatique & immédiate de vos prix, disponibilités, photos, contenus et conditions.

Voulez-vous en savoir plus sur l’évolution de Xotelia vers eviivo connect?

Découvrez le témoignage du Relais du Chat Prosper sur sa migration de Xotelia à eviivo

Xotelia FAQs

All our Xotelia teams –  including Customer Support – are based in Lyon, France.

Support can be reached from 9am to 7pm (UTC +1:00) by phone, and by email at anytime.

Email: support@xotelia.com

  • France: +33 4 81 68 16 69 – 0,20 € / min
  • Italy: +39 199 241 430 – 0,20 € / min
  • Spain: +34 518889478 – 0,20 € / min
  • Mexico: +01 800 681 5364 – 0,20 € / min
  • North America: +01 800 463 0976 – 0,20 € / min

Please note that before calling you need to send an email to support@xotelia.com to raise a suport ticket. When you call the Customer Support team will ask for your ticket number in order to solve your issue.

Three kinds of online resources are available in the help center when you login to your Xotelia account:

  • FAQs, accessible via the search box
  • Videos tutorials
  • Written tutorials

Xotelia have acquired eviivo France, and have renamed as eviivo France.

Since the acquisition both teams have been working hard on the development of a new product to include the best features of both Xotelia and eviivo – eviivo connect. This release continues to offer you industry-leading channel management functionality, along with many additional options that were not available before, such as promotional tools and integrated card payments.

Yes. Xotelia is now renamed as eviivo France. The existing Xotelia platform will terminate in 2019, and all customer who have not yet migrated from Xotelia to eviivo will be required to do so.

eviivo France will maintain offices in Paris and Lyon. Abroad, the group has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain in order to maintain a great support service for customers across Europe.

The Xotelia platform will terminate in 2019. Now eviivo connect is here it is in your best interests to migrate sooner rather than later,  so you can start to benefit from the new features and weekend support.

When you upgrade depends on you. Please contact our Sales & Migration team to discuss your options.

Since the acquisition the Sales & Migration team have been contacting all Xotelia customers, prioritising by renewal date and complexity of the account… but we know that you are the most appropriate person to decide when you want to start benefiting from the new platform.

Please contact us to discuss your options.

This depends on whether you choose to migrate to eviivo connect or upgrade to eviivo suite.

Both migration options come with dedicated pricing, where we try as far as possible to match the price you pay for Xotelia. Please contact our Sales & Migration team for more information.

No. You can even choose to add new features such as: invoicing, payment, integrated credit card processing, advanced promotional tools, a mobile website, more in-depth management of customer profiles and reviews, new OTAs and more. All this will be shown to you by the Sales & Migration team during a free demonstration.

The change you’ll notice first is a move to a new, feature-rich user interface. We’ll offer you free training and support on this interface, as well as every other aspect of your migration.

eviivo attaches a huge importance to the value of our after-sales service, as you can clearly see from our Excellent Trustpilot customer satisfaction rating.

You will be able to access this free support service 7 days a week once you’ve migrated to the eviivo platform.

The Lyon team will stay the same and will take care of both your migration and training on the new features offered on the eviivo platform. You can rest assured that you will be supervised by someone who is familiar with your situation.

A commitment of your time, to better understand the new features and how they can benefit you. This might include an hour or two spent engaging with our free online training sessions. You will also be asked to check your pricing before the ultimate activation of your account.

Depending on the migration options chosen, we will ask you to provide high-quality photos and descriptions. This will allow you to connect to new travel agencies – such as Ryanair or Google Hotel Ads or HomeAway / Abritel – or to modernize your own website.

Your access to the new platform will be immediate. Once you have access, your training and the ultimate activation of your account can take up to 15 days (depending on your availability at this time) and includes:

  • Two online training sessions – each taking approximately 1 hour – where our team will guide you through every step of the process.
  • A confirmation and test of all your configurations and connections by our experts.
  • A confirmation of your pricing and your selling conditions by yourself.
  • If necessary, a request to upload new descriptions and photos.

Once your account is migrated and live you’ll benefit from online support 7 days a week, which allows you to ask questions and chat with our experts directly via LiveChat once logged into your account.

No, the same team is responsible for both connecting eviivo and disconnecting Xotelia, so we’ll ensure that there’s no interruption in your service. This is a key benefit competitors can’t offer if you switch away from Xotelia/eviivo.

Our OpenPro solution is marketed by Xotelia / eviivo and Alliance Réseaux to all Open Pro subscribers, and will remain a valid product offering that benefits from the support of the Xotelia/eviivo group. Enhancements and updates are planned, and we will communicate these to you before their launch.

Our Credit Agricole solution is marketed by Xotelia/eviivo and Crédit Agricole, and will remain a valid product offering that benefits from all the support of the Xotelia/eviivo group. Enhancements and updates are planned, and we will communicate these to you before their launch.

Xotelia is based in Lyon, France. We are located at 42 Cours Suchet, 69002 Lyon, France.

Our registration number: 53951302800024
Our VAT number: FR06 539 513 028