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Maximise your revenue with flexible pricing and exclusive promos

Optimise your rates, automate dynamic pricing, and run promos that encourage direct bookings and repeat customers. One toolbox to simplify your revenue management.

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Optimise revenue instantly with dynamic pricing automation

Stay on top of your pricing, effortlessly. Create rules to automatically adjust rates, or close inventory at chosen availability & demand thresholds. Then apply these rules to your entire business or specifically to certain channels and room types.

Steal the show all year round

Easily adjust your prices to match in-demand special events and high/low seasons. Set up competitive discounts on your website, then sit back and reap the rewards.

Encourage direct bookings with special offers

Sway booking behaviours with a range of promo tools (was/now pricing, early bird, late availability, buy one get one free, closed or open instant deals). Grab attention with website pop-ups or banners, set up web-only offers that guests can unlock instantly, and target your audience with unique promo codes.

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Advertise your promotions on Online Travel Agencies

Create exclusive segmented promos to target business travellers, mobile users or members so that OTAs can differentiate your offer and push it to these audiences.

Promo Manager Promo Manager Key Features

Hotel dynamic pricing, promo builder & auto rate setting – for B&Bs & vacation rentals too!

All-in-One Platform

Implement pricing strategies, run promos, and keep everything synchronised across channels on one platform.

Channel Optimisation

Decide which channels and agencies have access to which rates, policies & promos. Manage all your OTA-exclusive promos all on one platform.

Dynamic Pricing

Automatically increase/decrease your rates based on inventory levels, or use our API-integrated room pricing partners.

Seasonal Adjustments

Auto-adjust your rates to reflect seasonal variations in demand and special events. Maximise occupancy and profit, whatever the time of year.


Set various rates to account for different lengths of stay, meal plans, and cancellation or payment terms. Sway bookers with group or corporate discounts and supplements.

Promo Codes

Distribute unique codes to your guests. The smart way to encourage repeat business, reward loyalty, track responses to an advert, or target a specific audience.


Stand out to guests with innovative packages. Easily combine special rates with extras like festival tickets, tours or spa treatments.

Web Exclusives

Encourage direct bookings with offers that are set up exclusively on your own website – and undetectable to the competition. Grab attention with attractive pop-ups and banners.

Automatic Close-Outs

Close out channels or increase your rates automatically when your rooms are filling up to create opportunities for extra revenue.

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