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48-hour switch service

Switching software can be daunting!
But not with eviivo’s free switch service. It’s quick and easy and we stay with you all the way.



  • Little or zero down-time
    Progress quickly with the transition or take it slower with a gradual switch to eviivo. Our experienced onboarding team will advise helping you reduce downtime.
  • Never have to switch again
    Gain the industry-leading all-in-one software that brings innovative features to you, free of charge, over 10 times every year. Exciting new updates such as our enhanced cleaning dashboard to stay ahead of customers expectations post-COVID.
  • How quickly can it all be done?
    Go live in barely a day, if you are fully prepared.
    In truth, most customers will take 2 weeks as most usually take this opportunity to re-consider how best to present their business utilising their shiny new eviivo features.
  • How does eviivo make it as easy as possible for you and your staff?
    Whether you’re switching from outdated and limited software, excel or even pencil & paper, our friendly staff will see you and your staff through the process. We activate thousands of hosts and hoteliers, just like you, every year!
    Just follow along with eviivo university training programs or start a live chat with our experts.

Our experts and our eviivo university guides you through the switch

Stage 1

Download & gather property info from your old software. Get your photos organised.

Stage 2

Choose between single/multi-property eviivo website or integrate your own.

Stage 3

Upload your property info into eviivo Suite.

Stage 4

Go Live! And keep exploring the new features you never had before.

Customer support,
in 7 languages, 7 days-a-week

Ask eviivo – Live Chat is the quickest way to reach our experts! No queueing on the phone, and we’ll bring you answers much faster.

“Excellent customer service. Nothing is too much trouble for this team. As for the platform itself first class…”

Vacation Rental Owner

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4.5/5 stars from 2000+ users


eviivo University

Resources, tips and easy videos to support you through set-up & beyond

Get Started

A step-by-step guide to configuring and using eviivo suite.

Quick How-To’s

Short videos to help you complete essential tasks.


Interactive videos and webinars for deep-dives on more advanced topics and best practices. The smartest way to make the most of eviivo suite.

Extensive Help & FAQ Library

Get answers to your questions fast.

Expert Services

For property management companies or owners who manage 15+ units and want to get more bookings, make more profit, all while saving time.

On-going, speed dial access to eviivo’s most senior experts – including regular quarterly debriefs to discuss strategy and tactics – whether you’re looking to brainstorm new ideas, challenge the status quo, or simply need practical help, this is the service for you.

Perhaps more importantly, save time by removing the effort and stress of working out what to do – and instead spend more time implementing the things that will incrementally grow your property portfolio.

Our friendly experts will get to know your business really well. As a result, whenever you need to bring a new unit online, we’ll just take care of it for you, including any bulk price changes you choose to implement.

Need a change, not sure how to go about it? Would like to learn or compare notes?

Whether you are faced with a strategic decision, need to find a practical way to address a challenge or simply resolve a basic configuration conundrum, our experts are at hand for a deep-dive.

They work with thousands of hosts like you and will be all ears and all yours, for a 2-hour session to help you address whatever is on your mind. Sometimes, it can really help to have an experienced sounding board. (Service available to anyone, by appointment only).

Competitor discovery and benchmarking.

Brand your services, review how you present your business online, and how to improve your ratings.

Online Presence
Added: Optimise your properties online presence.

Pricing & promo strategy
Demand patterns, timing & pricing models.

On-boarding & config
Regular on-going assistance with the rapid on-boarding of new units.