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Channel Manager

Enjoy the deepest, most fluid connections to OTAs​
with the Hotel Channel Management Platform of the Year​*

And hundreds of local regional sites…

*TravelTech Breakthrough Awards, 2024

Here’s how eviivo’s Channel Manager makes a big difference…

Channel Manager Testimonials

What do you need from your Channel Manager?

Need to grow or migrate your portfolio rapidly and safely?

Import existing Airbnb or Booking.com listings into eviivo SuiteTM seamlessly. It’s quick and easy. (And it’s just as easy to import bookings and photos from your legacy vendor.)​

Need to set up robust connections to OTAs fast?

It literally takes one click to connect eviivo and distribute all your listings to the major OTAs — including Booking.com, Agoda, Airbnb, Expedia (& affiliates), Vrbo, Google, Tripadvisor, and a wide range of local tourism sites.​

No need to waste time going from extranet to extranet when you upload or update photos, descriptions, amenities, T&Cs, taxes, policies, fees, extras, and more. The depth of our OTA connections means that every update you make in Suite goes out instantly to all major channels — just set it and forget it!

No errors, no overbookings, no problem.

Need total control
of your connections?​​

Balance your bookings and cash flow between direct and indirect channels to suit your needs, and gain more control over your direct booking levels and commission costs.​

You can control every major rate, charge, or promotional configuration in eviivo Suite individually, channel by channel —  easily and in bulk! ​

Manage payment collections yourself automatically (regardless of the booking source) or choose from any of the available OTA collection programs.​

Need to make OTA
reconciliations simple?

Ever struggled to reconcile your Booking.com or Expedia invoices — especially when it comes to taxes or fee withholdings? With eviivo’s powerful reconciliation feature, keeping track of any OTA payout, or withheld commission or taxes, is a piece of cake.*

How about providing your guests with an itemised statement that covers the full cost of their stay — even when they prepaid a good part via an OTA? With most systems this cannot be done. At best, you’re forced to disclose the OTA wholesale price or refer the guest to the OTA extranet. ​

Not with eviivo. One click is all it takes to print or send a guest statement that includes every single item spent, plus a credit line entry identifying any OTA prepayment – and all at the guest price.​

*Requires subscription to eviivo’s Owner Manager or Performance Manager​

Need to switch from another PMS?

Our listing import feature and one-click distribution make it really easy. eviivo routinely converts hundreds of listings in barely a few weeks. And for one or a handful of listings, we’re talking hours – or even minutes!​

Channel Manager Key Features

A booking channel manager built for hotels, B&Bs, pubs and inns with rooms, self-catering holiday homes and vacation rentals. Manage rooms & rates on OTAs in one click.

One-Click Connection

Connect to all leading OTAs, including:
• Expedia • Hotels.com • Booking.com
• Agoda • Google Hotel Ads • Airbnb
• TripAdvisor • VRBO

No More Overbookings

List all of your rooms and availability on all OTAs at the same time – no more double bookings or overbookings!

Full 2-Way Synchronisation

Rates, availability, photos, amenities, promos, extras, taxes, policies, and more are instantly updated in real time across all OTAs you choose to work with.

Simple Management

Learn how to handle one OTA, and you’ll know how to manage and connect them all.

Keep Full Control

Spot and manage OTA exceptions at a glance. No shows and card declines are instantly reported, so you’re never left out of pocket.

Optimise How You Work With OTAs

Use together with Promo Manager to vary your price and policies by channel, in line with demand – music to your ears!

Access 100+ Regional
Community Sites

Choose from a wide range of regional community sites that charge low or no commission rates.


Load and manage policies, rates and content in one place. Add rooms or units easily as needed. Take advantage of the advice of our dedicated onboarding team to optimise results.

Maximise Your Occupancy

Use the advertising power of the OTAs in tandem with your own website to combat overbookings and keep revenue rolling in.

How can a tangled web of integrations ever get the job done?
With eviivo, there is less to learn, less to buy, less to worry about.​
And you get more done, faster.​

Discover Suite
Automate. Simplify. Grow.
Your business essentials, integrated, in one award-winning property management system.
Property Manager
  • Instant booking confirmations​
  • Contactless check-in, check-out​
  • Payments, invoices, taxes​
  • Rates, promos, extras & multi-media​
Website Manager
  • Powerful booking engine​
  • Stunning templated website​
  • Mobile & SEO friendly​
  • Commission-free
Channel Manager
  • Deepest OTA integration​
  • 1-click connection, 2-way sync​
  • Rates, availability, photos, amenities, promos, extras, taxes and policies​
Payment Manager
  • Airtight payment security​
  • Full native level 1 PCI compliance​
  • Unparalleled automation​
  • Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal & more​
Guest Manager
  • Unified guest messaging​
  • Multi-channel automation​
  • AI-powered 24/7 Concierge​
  • Customisable email designs​
  • Guest reviews and preferences​
Promo Manager
  • Dynamic pricing​
  • Web exclusive promos​
  • Targeted promo codes​
  • Packages, special offers​
  • Early bird, last minute, length of stay​
Performance Manager
  • Reports, charts, KPIs, snapshots​
  • Housekeeping dashboard​
  • Exception management​
  • Reconciliation, trial balances​
  • Accounting ERP integrations​
Owner Manager
  • Cleaning/maintenance dashboard​
  • Multi-user permissioning​
  • Owner charges and fees​
  • Owner statements​
  • Trust accounting​

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