GuestTalk transforms the way you engage with your guests and consolidates all SMS, email and social media channels in one place with their web app.
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What is GuestTalk?


Think of GuestTalk as a ‘mobile phone’ for your property. Guests can message reception and your staff can message back using their PC, tablet or Smartphone. No more need for guests to queue at reception, or for you to install telephones in every room.

With GuestTalk, promoting services to your guests and inviting them to visit again takes just a click or two!

How does it integrate with eviivo?

GuestTalk has a direct connection to the eviivo diary, which allows us to share all your booking information in real-time. This connectivity offers a seamless experience across the two platforms.

What's in it ?


SMS, Email and Social Media

Distance should not compromise delivering excellent service. Your guests can contact you via SMS, email and social media from their mobile and you can track, forward and reply to requests, all from one universal inbox!

Personalised Bulk Messaging

Got an urgent message for all in-house guests? GuestTalk has you covered with the ability to quickly mass-message. You can also send targeted messages with personal greetings, and tailor them to specific groups (families, friends etc.)

Smart Surveys

Pre and post-arrival surveys are an effective way to understand your guests better.  Protect their safety with a quick pre-arrival health survey or find out how they feel about their stay just before they leave.

Team Messaging

Messaging larger groups and remote teams can be difficult. GuestTalk makes team communication a breeze; wherever each member might be.

Digital Door Locks

Thanks to their partnership with RemoteLock and RBoy Apps, GuestTalk lets you send door codes safely to the guest’s mobile, so they can access their room smoothly. You can easily change the codes and grant or revoke access.

Automated Mind Reading

Proactively send important information or answer your most frequently asked questions… Straight into the palm of your guests’ hand, before they have time to ask!