28 July 2022

4 Reasons Your Airbnb Needs eviivo Payment Manager To Maximize Earnings

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Running your own Airbnb can be a fun, rewarding experience and an excellent way to earn passive income — potentially adding up to six figures in additional revenue or more! Who doesn’t want to maximize earnings with their Airbnb, right?

However, without the right payment system, you could miss out on your Airbnb’s full earnings potential. Plus, you’ll likely encounter headaches with tedious tasks of payment tracking, back and forth with sending receipts and confirmations — and even, heaven forbid — fraudulent transactions that happen once in a blue moon (and are a complete nightmare!).

Fortunately, eviivo Payment Manager is the most comprehensive, hassle-free payment platform to help Airbnb owners maximize earnings. It’s safe, easy, secure and includes automation at every level to save you time and money!

Here are 4 reasons your Airbnb needs eviivo Payment Manager to maximize earnings.

1. eviivo Payment Manager is the most safe and secure payment platform for Airbnbs.

When it comes to getting you paid, we’re not messing around! We’ve integrated fully secure online card processing, which has Level 1 PCI compliance. This means all your transactions are 100% secure and always worry-free.

Payment Manager provides fraud protection on all transactions. Should someone ever try to pay with a fraudulent card or scam payment in a nefarious way, the transactions are automatically blocked and you’re notified immediately.

Furthermore, we offer free PCI compliant card storage and retrieval, along with automatic validation via 3D secure. Safe, dependable and always transparent, we’re raising the bar in online payment security to help keep your Airbnb safe and maximize earnings.

2. Our platform is easy to use.

Finances for an Airbnb business can be complicated – especially when bookings are coming from numerous sources, you’re dealing with lots of credit card types, and potentially from different currencies. Good news: We’re here to make life easier.

With Payment Manager, we’ve simplified the process of sorting inbound payments. Our system accepts all major credit cards, in any currency. We handle payment via credit card, over the phone or from third-parties like Airbnb, VRBO, Kayak and beyond.

Payment is instant, and you can preauthorize, charge or refund a card in a single click. There’s no need to retype numbers and codes. Payment Manager is fully automated — so just set it and let it help your Airbnb maximize earnings and reach its full potential!

3. Save time, hassle and headaches.

Ever feel overwhelmed trying to sort where your Airbnb’s payments are coming from and the status of where they’re at currently? We have the perfect solution.

We designed Payment Manager to automate the tedious details of running an Airbnb business, saving you time and equipping you with a crystal-clear picture of your finances. Payment collections are fully automated, regardless of the booking source. Payment confirmations are emailed in one click and easily personalized. And cards are automatically validated with 3D secure.

Should suspicious activity ever arise, invalid cards are flagged instantly so matters can be handled quickly and painlessly. Then if a refund is ever needed, it can be sent with one click and full Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance. Translation? You can trust Payment Manager to do all the work — and you can reap all the rewards!

4. Improve cash flow.

We take pride in developing the world’s best tools to help Airbnb owners succeed. But getting those individuals paid? Now that’s what we really love!

With instant payments, Payment Manager gets you paid without delay. Funds flow directly into your bank account and any card fees are held directly at the source. Our platform puts money in your pocket as soon as it’s made available, leading to better cash flows and ability to spend your funds as you see fit.

Instant notifications provide full oversight of exactly where your money is at — giving you the confidence to make informed finance decisions at all times. Safe, easy, hassle-free, with instant deposits, Airbnb owners need Payment Manager to ensure they maximize earnings with the least time spent behind a screen.

Book a demo today, and learn additional ways your Airbnb can start earning more money with eviivo Payment Manager.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.

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