6 April 2022

Debunking 5 Booking Software Myths for B&Bs and Small Hotels

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Do you run a small hotel, a guesthouse or holiday apartments? Are you still considering room booking software or a channel manager to improve bookings and day-to-day management? 

There’s no doubt that amazing hosts and property owners such as you may veer back and forth on whether a booking and property management platform is right for you — and we want to help you make the right decision.

So let’s take a look at the top misconceptions hosts, hoteliers and property owners may encounter — and the true realities that should bring you peace of mind.

Here are the five most common myths surrounding property and booking management software — and how owners, hosts and boutique hoteliers actually simplify their life, yield more bookings and greatly benefit overall with the right platform.

• Myth 1: My accommodation is too small — and I only have a few rooms anyway.

When it comes to hospitality software, size doesn’t matter. A booking and property management platform is beneficial for all properties, whether just one room or a single apartment. Our customers have an average of 10 rooms – and achieve a higher occupancy rate, more commission-free direct bookings and automated administration; our customers with fewer rooms yield similar benefits.

• Myth 2: Software is too expensive.

eviivo Suite is available from £20 per month. The commissions saved on bookings via your own (new) website alone usually amount to more than that. Furthermore, you increase your reach and thus the opportunity for more bookings. Automated processes such as emails, invoices, payments and much more save you valuable time and — best of all — money.

• Myth 3: Software is too complicated.

Software such as eviivo Suite is specifically designed for the needs of smaller properties and their owners. We built eviivo Suite based on years of customer feedback, ensuring owners and hosts like you have the perfect work/life balance with an incredibly easy-to-use, convenient and simplified platform. Even owners and hosts who don’t spend a lot of time at the computer will have no problem getting adjusted… it’s that easy!

• Myth 4: When I have technical issues, I won’t get the support I need.

Customer support is one of our highest priorities at eviivo. We have a fantastic multi-lingual support team that can be reached via chat, email and phone. It’s reasons like this that we frequently receive great feedback from our customers — and outshine competitors with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.

• Myth 5: I may lose control of my settings and bookings with software.

Welcome to 2022! Our software is one of the most modern and advanced in the industry, fully automated with all the capabilities to ensure a seamless, frictionless experience. With eviivo, you always have everything under control and YOU decide under which conditions guests book and pay you! In addition, you can become more independent from individual travel portals as you expand and also get your own beautifully designed, bookable website.

Over 20,000 accommodation providers trust eviivo as a partner, and we’re sure that you will be satisfied (and thrilled!) to experience the simplicity, convenience and value of eviivo Suite. Are you ready to improve your bookings and quality of life?  Discover all the benefits of eviivo Suite here.

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