18 September 2023

Introducing eviivo Concierge

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eviivo Concierge is a ground-breaking Generative AI-powered guest messaging tool for short-term rental property owners, Airbnb and Vrbo hosts, boutique hoteliers and all independent accommodations.

With eviivo Concierge, eviivo is the first global property management platform to fully integrate the power of AI within a revolutionary guest management feature, offering a powerful, personalized and predictive 24/7 digital concierge service. It’s one of the most advanced, future forward solutions for properties seeking Generative AI, whether hotel AI or Airbnb AI, available now!

Want to know more? Let’s continue – in true eviivo Concierge style….

I hear that eviivo has created an AI Concierge. Sounds impressive. But what does that actually mean for property owners?

By enabling real time interactions between property and guest at any time of day, it means that instead of spending hours answering emails and calls from guests, hotel and vacation rental managers can be getting on with their lives and doing the things that they love. By freeing up their time, it means they can spend more time with their families, guests, or growing their business.ound-breaking Generative AI-powered guest messaging tool for short-term rental property owners, Airbnb and Vrbo hosts, boutique hoteliers and all independent accommodations.

How does eviivo Concierge know so much about each property?

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. It looks at all of the information on a property’s website – the descriptions, room details, amenities, and even FAQs  – and responds with the appropriate answer to any guest question.

So all of the info is on the property website anyway? Why don’t people just look online?

Ah, why don’t people do lots of things, like read the manual when assembling their furniture or check their passport before arriving at the airport? Everyone likes things to be easy and it’s easier to ask a question than trawl a website. And one of the powerful features of Concierge is it can learn too. Guests can score each reply with a thumbs up or thumbs down, so that Concierge knows whether its answer was helpful, and if not, can improve next time.

What if it doesn’t know an answer?

If Concierge can’t find an answer to a question, it can refer the guest to the most appropriate page on the property’s website. And what’s really neat is that all of the conversations are held in eviivo Suite, so that the hotelier or property manager can see where the Concierge hasn’t been able to answer and can add the info to the site.

Isn’t there a chance that it might give wrong information?

That’s possible, yes – though unlikely, as Concierge will generally point at the property’s own website. But that’s the reason we recommend properties add a disclaimer to their website. And surely no one believes everything the read on the Internet?

Sounds good. But there’s no replacing the personal touch and real human interaction is there.

Agreed. But Concierge can be configured to inject a bit of personality into the proceedings. Ask it to answer with humor and it will. And it’s fully configurable to be formal or more informal in the way it greets people and invites questions.

OK. I’m impressed. It’ll be like having an extra member of hotel staff. Can it carry cases up stairs, or make the beds?

Not yet. But we’re working on it

To learn more about the power of effective guest communication for short term rentals, Airbnb hosts and hoteliers, take a look at our Trade Secret on Mastering Hotel Guest Communication.

Note for property owners and managers:

Before you activate eviivo concierge, be aware that AI is a new technology. Concierge is trained to remain professional, fact-based and accurate in its answers. However, the full context of a guest enquiry remains unpredictable and so, it is impossible to fully eliminate the possibility of an inaccurate answer or translation.

We recommend that you monitor eviivo Concierge transcripts on a regular basis. By driving your own chats with eviivo Concierge you can “train” it to remember or fine-tune some of the answers. 
When you activate Concierge you accept the inherent risks associated with possible inaccuracies and accept that eviivo’s general disclaimer applies. eviivo does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the answers, translated answers, or the materials and content on your website, or any resources linked to your website.

If you have any concerns, consider using a disclaimer on your website and/or make it clear that your Terms & Conditions supersede any information provided prior to a booking being made and confirmed. Or change the welcome line, to make it clearer that guests are chatting with an AI robot and not with a human. Eg:  Hi, I am the hotel’s AI-powered digital concierge – can I help.

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