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Vegas Baby – Yeah!

16 December, 2014

eviivo’s very own Head of Technology, Eric White, was in Las Vegas earlier this month, invited to the famous Bellagio Hotel for Expedia’s Partner Conference.

eviivo is an Expedia preferred partner, which is why Eric was asked to talk about our role as a lead integrator with them. This is a great position to be in because it means eviivo – and our customers – get early access to new integration methods, helping us work towards a seamless solution for every eviivo property on Expedia. 

Eric’s luck was in at the Bellagio, with delegates keen to learn more about eviivo and our strong partnership with Expedia. What had them hooked was news of eviivo’s pending pioneering new rate setter, that will allow new rate plans to be put live on Expedia in a matter of minutes.  Eric’s presentation has further strengthened our long partnership with Expedia, ensuring eviivo customers get more bookings through this internationally renowned channel.

Eric White at Expedia Partner event
Eric White at Expedia Partner event


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