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The booking came via Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com, LateRooms, Airbnb or HRS

If the guest booked on one of these travel agencies’ websites then the only way to cancel and refund the booking before check-in is for the guest to do so directly with the travel agency.  Once the check-in date has passed you are able to do this yourself by clicking on the no-show button in your eviivo diary.

The booking came via any other source, including your website

To process a cancellation and refund for the booking simply locate the booking in your eviivo diary, then click on the ‘cancel’ button and follow the instructions to refund.  As soon as you have confirmed the cancellation eviivo will immediately refund the booking based on your instruction.  Even if you have not received payment for that booking yet, don’t worry. If eviivo or the travel agency is still holding the payment, eviivo will refund the guest out of the eviivo or travel agency account automatically, provided you clicked on the cancel button in the system.  It is important that you click on cancel as soon as you know of the cancellation, to ensure that the guest is properly refunded.  If you do not you may be liable for administrative charges.

If you’ve forgotten your password we are unable to reset it on your behalf. You will need to reset your password as follows;

  1. Go to https://on.eviivo.com/Account/Login
  2.  Click on Forgot Password and follow the instructions on the screen

Note: If you have forgotten the answer to your memorable security question you may not be able to reset your password yourself and will need to contact us during normal opening hours (Mon-Fri 8am – 7pm CST, or Saturday Chat Only  9am – 1pm CST).  This is for your own protection to prevent anyone else from gaining access to your account. You may also send an email to [email protected].  To help us deal with this promptly, type the word ‘PASSWORD’ in the subject header and include your full name, your property name, your property postcode and a contact number where we can reach you within the following 24hours.  If this information is incomplete we will be unable to deal with the security reset.

Log into eviivo suite and click on the HELP button in the top right corner. From there, you will be able to:

  1. Search help pages and get answers to the most commonly asked questions screen by screen
  2. Chat with a Customer Support agent right away via Live Chat from 8AM – 7PM Monday to Friday, and 9AM to 1PM on Saturday. (Central Standard Time). We are closed on Sunday; however, you can submit a request for help via our web portal and we will respond to you within 24 hours.
  3. Log your support query with our Customer Services team, with a guaranteed 24hr turnaround.  To do this click on “chat with an expert” and type your query in the left side of the screen.

We (eviivo) provide a system which enables accommodation providers to sell their rooms and collect payments online. If you see ‘eviivo Ltd.’ or ‘Hotel paid by eviivo’ on your statement or bank account this is because the accommodation is using the eviivo system.

Have you booked a hotel, B&B, guest house or any other type of accommodation recently?  If yes, please check the booking confirmation email you received when you made the booking.

  • If your booking confirmation indicates that part or all of the reservation was paid in advance, then the charge which appears as ‘eviivo’ on your card or bank statement will match the amount displayed as the pre-paid amount on your booking confirmation. This charge was paid in advance and the hotel should not charge you for this amount again.
  • If your booking confirmation indicates that payment is only due on arrival at the B&B or hotel, it means that your reservation was guaranteed using your card details, but nothing was charged to your card at the time of booking.  The card was merely validated and/or ‘pre-authorized’ by your bank.  However:
    • Whilst a pre-authorization is NOT a charge and no money is taken from your accountyour bank may see the pre-authorization request as a possible future payment and therefore use this information to reduce the credit limit available on your card by the amount pre-authorized. This only affects the spending limit available on your card and it remains a matter between you and your bank.
    • Always check the cancellation policy applicable to your reservation (printed on your booking confirmation). If you have passed the deadline beyond which late cancellation fees are due, the accommodation provider you booked may charge your card up to the value of the late cancellation fees printed on your booking confirmation, once the date has passed and these are no longer refundable. Please contact the accommodation provider to check if they have done so.  If they have charged this amount to your card, it will show as pre-paid on your accommodation bill and you should make sure you do not pay this amount again when you check out.  Only any remaining balance outstanding at the end of your stay should be charged at check-out.
    • If you believe that neither of the above scenarios applies and that a payment has been made in error then please contact your accommodation provider in the first instance, and if you cannot resolve the matter with them send an email to [email protected].   Please type the word REFUND in the subject header, and make sure your email includes your booking reference, check-in date, full name and the name of the establishment you have booked with.  We will respond within 7 days, as it may take us time to contact and obtain a response from the establishment or trace and process the payment.

As stated in your booking confirmation eviivo is neither a travel agency nor a bank. We are a technology provider who processes reservations on behalf of the accommodation provider. Your Booking Terms and Conditions state clearly that any aspect of your stay or the quality of services provided by the accommodation is entirely between you and the establishment. eviivo cannot offer compensation for inadequate service levels by the establishment, or interfere with any other dispute between you and the establishment.  We generally do our best to help but we cannot guarantee any outcome. If we receive a high volume of complaints about an establishment that is using our technology, we will eventually terminate our relationship with them.  Therefore:

  • If you have already stayed and were not happy with their service or accommodation quality, any refund remains at the discretion of the accommodation and eviivo cannot influence this. If you are unable to contact them, or cannot obtain satisfaction, you may lodge a formal complaint about the establishment by sending an email to [email protected].  Please type the word COMPLAINT in the subject header of your email and provide your booking reference, check-in date, your full name, and the name of the establishment you stayed at.
  • If you have not stayed – or you arrived and were refused a stay – you should seek a refund from the property directly in the first instance. The establishment concerned must locate your booking in their eviivo system and click on the cancel button – this will trigger an automatic refund by eviivo, which should appear on your statement within 5-7 working days depending on your bank. If, for any reason the establishment is unable, or unwilling to process the cancellation, please send an escalation email to [email protected]. To help us identify your booking promptly, type the word REFUND in the subject header and provide your booking reference, check-in date, full name, and the name of the establishment you booked with. If you have not started your stay, eviivo will always refund the value of any online payment made by you and processed by eviivo, minus any applicable late cancellation fees (as stated in your booking confirmation).

If the reservation you made tells you that you have nothing to pay and need only ‘Pay on Arrival’, the card details you gave us at the time of booking were merely used to guarantee the booking.   No charge was made but the accommodation provider may have pre-authorized your card.

A pre-authorization is NOT a charge.  It simply means that we contacted your bank to make sure that your card is valid and to ensure that your reservation could be guaranteed.  However, as we notify your bank of a potential future expenditure, some banks will often ‘reserve’ funds equal to the value of the booking, against any credit limit available on your card, and they may show this on your statement.  Whilst it is NOT a charge, a pre-authorization may reduce the spending limit available on your card.  This is between you and your bank or card issuer.

Your accommodation provider can cancel a pre-authorization and if they do not; the pre-authorization will expire automatically once the check-in date has passed.  eviivo always cancels any pre-authorization instantly as soon as the accommodation provider has canceled it, or when your booking is canceled.  However, your bank or card issuer may incur further delays on their side before the pre-authorization is cleared from your statement.

To cancel your booking go back to the confirmation email that was sent to you and click on the ‘Manage my booking’ link provided.

If you cannot cancel the booking yourself, contact your accommodation provider and make sure they locate your booking in their eviivo system and cancel it by clicking on the cancel button.    As soon as they ‘cancel’, you will receive a confirmation email and any applicable refund will be processed on your card instantly by the eviivo system.  Depending on your bank it may take up to 3-7 working days for the refund to appear in your statement.

NB – Always check the terms and conditions printed on your booking confirmation because, depending on when your cancellation occurs, your reservation may be subject to late cancellation fees.  If the accommodation provider is entitled to charge you late cancellation fees; it is likely that you will receive only a partial refund equal to any amount prepaid in excess of the cancellation fees, in line with the cancellation terms printed on your booking confirmation.

eviivo is not a travel agency, we deliver a booking system to accommodation providers that help them confirm reservations and process any deposit payment, based on the accommodation provider’s instructions and in line with their booking policy.

You can cancel your booking yourself using the link provided in your booking confirmation email. Your refund is processed automatically in line with the terms of any cancellation policy stipulated in your booking confirmation.

If not, contact your accommodation provider, make sure they locate your booking in the eviivo system, and click on the ‘cancel’ or ‘modify’ button.  As soon as they do you will receive an automatic email confirming the cancellation or any other modification, and eviivo will process any applicable refund on your card immediately.  Depending on your bank or card issuer it may take up to 5-7 working days for the refund to appear on your statement.

If for any reason the accommodation provider is unable or unwilling to process the cancellation you should send an escalation email to [email protected].   To help us identify your booking promptly, type the word REFUND in the subject header and include your booking reference, check-in date, full name, and the name of the establishment you booked with.

Before you escalate, check the following on your booking confirmation:

  • If your booking was made via a travel agency website (Expedia; Hotels.com; Booking.com; Laterooms; Airbnb; Travel Republic or Lastminute.com) you need to contact them, as they alone have the right to process your cancellation – so always go back to the original travel site where you made the booking and reference your booking confirmation email.
  • Always check the Cancellation Terms displayed in your booking confirmation.   Depending on when your cancellation takes place, your reservation may be subject to late cancellation fees, in which case any refund would be limited to the value of any deposit paid in excess of these cancellation penalties.

You may cancel your booking by clicking on the link provided in your booking confirmation.

Otherwise, for any changes to your booking please contact the accommodation provider directly using the contact details which appear clearly on your booking confirmation.   Please be aware that your accommodation provider must click on the cancel button in the eviivo system in order to confirm any changes, as eviivo are unable to process any refund without such confirmation by the accommodation provider.   As soon as the accommodation provider confirms the changes you should receive a confirmation by email and the eviivo system will automatically process any applicable refund.  Most banks will take a few days before showing any refunds on your statement.

Please go back to the website you used to make your reservation (as listed above), as any amendment to your reservation needs to be made directly with them.   Your booking confirmation email contains the relevant contact information.

If you have pre-paid for a booking via Expedia, Hotels.com, Lastminute, Airbnb or Travel Republic and you are seeking a refund, please contact the relevant agency directly as there is nothing that eviivo can do.


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