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Displaying on Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) is the most cost-effective form of advertising, and the eviivo channel manager has the industries best OTA connectivity by far

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channel manager with synced booking diary for all otas

Want to be seen on the world’s biggest travel websites?

Connect eviivo suite channel manager software to all major online travel agencies (OTAs) with just one click – no paperwork, no overbookings. Channel Manager puts your hotel, B&B or vacation rental in front of a global audience whilst giving you complete control of placement, pricing and policies. Best of all, you only pay when you take a booking!

eviivo - Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Key Features

A channel manager software built for hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals to help hosts manage rooms & rates on OTAs in one click

One-Click Connection

One-click connection to all leading OTAs: Expedia and, and Agoda, Google Hotel Ads, Airbnb, HomeAway, Ryanair Rooms, and many more.

No Double-Bookings

List all of your rooms and availability on all OTAs at the same time – no more double bookings or overbookings!

Full 2-Way Synchronisation

Rates, availability, photos, content and policies are instantly updated in real time across all OTAs you choose to work with.

Simple Management

Learn how to handle one OTA travel agency and you’ll know how to manage and connect them all.

Keep Full Control

Spot and manage OTA exceptions at a glance.  No shows and card declines are instantly reported, so you’re never left out of pocket.

Optimise How You Work With OTAs

Used together with Promo Manager, you’re able to vary your price and policies by OTA channel.

Access Over 100 Regional Community Sites

We provide connectivity to a wide array of regional community sites.  Most are commission-free, or charge very low commission rates.

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Connecting you to all the leading online travel agencies

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eviivo Suite

The all-in-one booking software that puts you in control to run things your way. See what eviivo suite has to offer:

Property Manager
Property Manager

A beautifully designed calendar to manage guests and bookings with just one click on any device.

Website Manager
Website Manager

A commission-free responsive, SEO & mobile-friendly website to showcase your property.

Channel Manager
Channel Manager

A 2-way connection with instant synchronization to all major travel agencies.

Promo Manager
Promo Manager

Exclusive offers, packages and promo codes. Ultimate pricing flexibility by channel.

Guest Manager
Guest Manager

Guest reviews, personalized confirmations, and automated ‘welcome’/’thank you’ emails.

Performance Manager
Performance Manager

Business insights at your fingertips with accurate, easy-to-read graphics and invaluable snapshots.

Payment Manager
Payment Manager

Secure card processing in just one-click with full Level 1 PCI compliance.

Owner Manager
Owner Manager

Managing property owners made easy with the automatic calculation of the charges or booking fees you wish to pass on for your services.

Why eviivo

We’re so much more than software. And here's why we would very much like to work with you.


Your success matters. When you come on board we give you free training, and stay with you until you’re comfortable and everything’s is running smoothly.


You can count on us seven days a week. We offer free support via live chat, web and phone. You can get in touch with just one click.

A Vibrant Community

Become part of eviivo’s vibrant global community - be unique, do business your way, and tell your story to the world!

Free Press Coverage

We fight your corner and regularly generate free press coverage for our customers. We sponsor National B&B Week and fund major awards for independent hosts.

Expert Knowledge

Our people have spent years in the business, learning best practices from leading brands. We know hospitality and technology inside and out, and we love sharing our knowledge with you.

Open Partnerships

We are part of an integrated ecosystem of related booking technologies & platforms. Always happy to partner to make life easier for you.

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