Owner Manager

…because managing property owners is as vital as managing guests


Looking after all your stakeholders.

If you run a property portfolio, managing property owners is as vital as managing guests. Owner Manager keeps you a step ahead by automatically calculating and keeping track of owner charges and deductions.

These are then included in a detailed statement that you can pass on to the owner, ensuring you get fairly rewarded for your services while maintaining a good relationship with all stakeholders.

Owner Manager

Key Features

The ultimate owner managing solution 

Owner Charges & Deductions

Charge property owners for any fees, repairs and expenses they’re responsible of and deduct any credit owed to them.

Detailed Invoice

It takes one click to generate a detailed invoice listing all charges and deductions for you to pass on to the owner.

Automated Processing

Save time by automating per-booking charges, such as cleaning fees. The same applies for re-occurring deductions.

Convenient Templates

Add charges and deductions either on an ad-hoc basis, or by creating a template to reuse at your convenience.

Activity Reports

At-a-glance reporting of all charges, deductions, and booking fees for a given accommodation unit over a set period.

Automatic Tax Calculation

Add tax rates to the booking fees that you cross charge to owners with the click of a button.

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eviivo Suite

Take your guest experiences to the next level with our
award-winning property management system

Property Manager
Property Manager

A beautifully designed calendar to manage guests and bookings with just one click on any device.

Website Manager
Website Manager

A commission-free responsive, SEO & mobile-friendly website to showcase your property.

Channel Manager
Channel Manager

A 2-way connection with instant synchronization to all major travel agencies.

Promo Manager
Promo Manager

Exclusive offers, packages and promo codes. Ultimate pricing flexibility by channel.

Guest Manager
Guest Manager

Guest reviews, personalized confirmations, and automated ‘welcome’/’thank you’ emails.

Performance Manager
Performance Manager

Business insights at your fingertips with accurate, easy-to-read graphics and invaluable snapshots.

Payment Manager
Payment Manager

Secure card processing in just one-click with full Level 1 PCI compliance.

Owner Manager
Owner Manager

Managing property owners made easy with the automatic calculation of the charges or booking fees you wish to pass on for your services.

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