10 May 2022

10 ways eviivo Mobile revolutionizes booking and property management for independent accommodations

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We’ve officially launched eviivo Mobile — the groundbreaking, fully automated app that allows property owners, hosts and hoteliers to manage bookings — anywhere, anytime — right at their fingertips.

We listened to thousands of customers for what they want in an app. Starting from scratch, we custom-built our mobile platform from the ground up to introduce the most comprehensive booking and property management app on the market. eviivo Mobile, essentially our award-winning platform right in your palm, offers first-of-its-kind features and gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your business — and improve your quality of life.

Here are 10 ways eviivo Mobile is revolutionizing bookings and property management for independent accommodations

1. Users can take back their time with automation.

In developing eviivo Mobile, we envisioned our clients spending less time behind a desk — and more time with their family and friends and even going on vacations themselves.

eviivo Mobile automates the tedious details of running an accommodation business, like spreadsheets, data entry and tracking individual bookings, guests and payments. Our app automatically tracks and updates these key elements for you with a few swipes of the finger.

These integrations allow you the freedom to manage guests and bookings easily, seamlessly and from the palm of your hand.

2. Get instant push notifications in real time.

New bookings? Changes to reservations? Cancellations? eviivo Mobile sends you important updates in real time, so you can stay on top of bookings from anywhere.

Choose which push notifications you’d like to receive, and toggle them off at any time. Then respond to time-sensitive bookings or communicate with guests straight from the app.

With the power to master all aspects of your business via Smartphone, we wonder where you’ll be working from next! We hear Greece is lovely this time of year…

3. Receive daily performance snapshots.

Working with eviivo Mobile means less time in the office, yet never lacking an understanding for your property’s performance.

Each day, we send you a real-time overview of your operation’s KPIs and analytics, empowering you with keen stats and insights into how your business is really doing. Then, you can make immediate changes to meet any ebbs and flows in business including price changes, OTA management and even communicating with cleaning staff.

Live life on your own terms with the confidence that you’re not falling behind on any piece of your business. We’re all about that low anxiety, stress-free living.

4. Manage every booking detail remotely.

Good news for property managers who need a vacation: We’ve taken the full power of our award-winning eviivo Suite and translated it into a simple and easy to navigate app. So with wifi and a fully-charged phone, you can keep track of business from anywhere, anytime.

We launched the first ever all-in-one accommodation software in early 2013, and after 15 years in business, we know what it takes to run a successful rental. Now, we’ve paired this knowledge with vast customer feedback to create the best mobile experience for property managers available today.

From new bookings and arrivals to departures and in-house guests, we’ve developed the ultimate tool to manage your property remotely and provide an outstanding experience for guests. Honestly, there’s no excuse not to book that tropical vacation you’ve dreaming about.

5. Track payment on the go.

Working remote is great, but the real question is: “Where’s the money?”

Financials are important, which is why eviivo Mobile offers a crystal-clear picture of payment status from start to finish.

eviivo Mobile tracks deposits due, card declines and payment statuses all in one place. Should any issue arise, you can communicate simply and seamlessly with guests to ensure a five-star experience, along with clarity in payment.

Rest assured, our app brings the same capability of our industry-leading Payment Manager to an effortless mobile experience.

6. Interface with OTAs directly from the app.

Navigating OTAs (online travel agency; ie: Airbnb, VRBO, etc) can be challenging for some, but eviivo Mobile integrates with all the best OTAs right within the app.

Gone are the days of manually entering price changes into each individual OTA. Should you wish to update nightly rates, eviivo Mobile automatically refreshes pricing across all OTAs upon changing in the app, which is then reflected in each respective listing.

We love our customers, and we’re serious about saving you time and money.

7. Manage multiple properties from a single screen.

A first-of-its-kind feature, our app brings you the power to oversee more than one property without skipping a beat.

Upon logging into eviivo Mobile, you can find a simple option to flip between properties as you please in order to manage bookings, stay on top of communications and compare performance. We took great care in designing a platform with outstanding user experience — and nowhere is this more apparent than the ability to manage your full property portfolio.

Isn’t it grand to think you don’t need to be on-site at any of your rentals to run them? Simply open eviivo Mobile and start swiping!

8. Adjust daily rates and minimum stays.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, a growing trend has emerged of millennials buying second properties to enter the short-term rental market.

To a degree, we had this phone-toting demographic in mind as we were designing the eviivo app. We know that mobile is second-nature to millennials, and one of our foremost goals was to simplify the process of updating your listing’s details — and we’re proud to say we believe we nailed it.

With a few taps and a couple clicks, you can fully customize your listing’s daily rates and minimum stays. Being able to make these changes from your phone enables you the flexibility and freedom to take guests when you want, as well as earn more money during busy seasons.

9. Communicate directly with housekeeping teams.

If you’re away and completely forget to tell your cleaning staff about an issue, fear not.

We built a proprietary ‘cleaning dashboard’ that allows property managers to connect with housekeeping for communication and task delegation. Messages are instant, and they allow for two-way communication so nothing is lost in translation.

Another first-of-its-kind feature, our mobile cleaning dashboard is simply one more bullet point in an otherwise long list of how we’re pushing the industry forward.

10. Enjoy a better work/life balance!

In developing eviivo Mobile, our mantra was “improve work-life balance.” We built a platform that could tangibly improve the quality of life for existing and new customers alike. The app maximizes freedom and satisfaction for owners, managers and hosts, while also providing the tools to advance the quality of their work.

We take great pride in having launched an app that will enhance the lives of those who use it — enabling more time with family, less time in the office and the power to explore the world while working remotely.

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