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Celebrating the unique and wonderful breakfast dishes served up in UK B&B’s and small hotels!

04 February, 2016

In honour of last week’s National Breakfast week, we asked some of our 5,500+ B&B’s to tell us if they served up anything slightly different on their breakfast menu. It turns out that they do, many of our customers serve up spectacular and unique takes on the traditional English Breakfast…

We have narrowed the best of them down to these unique and delicious dishes: 

The Percy Arms, Guildford


South African Breakfast; boerewors (traditional South African farmer’s sausage), ‘pap’ (polenta) wedges, chakalaka (a typical African spicy bean and tomato ‘salsa’), tomato, eggs and crispy bacon, served with toast, butter and preserve.


Silver Jubilee Guesthouse, Newquay


Tex-Mex Scrammies; Scrambled egg with Baked Beans, Bacon Bits, Cilantro and Chili (extra chilies and hot sauce for the brave).

Ultimate Porridge; Rolled Oats poached in salted-milk with whipped cream and Whiskey (Cinnamon and Honey optional extras).

Sardines & Custard; Well if Doctor Who likes fish fingers this way, then why not?! The secret is to remove the sugar from the custard.


Glen View, Swansea


Laverbread and Cockles served with bacon, eggs and fried bread – a traditional Welsh breakfast. Laverbread is made from seaweed gathered by hand from rocks at low tide. It is processed by a local business, Selwyn’s, in Penclawdd. The same company gathers the cockles from the Lougher estuary.


 Aotearoa Southport B&B, Southport


Catering for gluten-free and Paleo diets, their most popular dishes include:

  • Smoky Sweet Potato Hash
  • Italian Baked Eggs
  • Home Made Paleo Vanilla Granola
  • Special Scrambled Eggs
  • Asparagus Benedict
  • Healthy Gluten Free Full English


Little Dane Court, Kent


Traditional Japanese Breakfast; a bowl of Japanese rice, miso soup, grilled salmon with mushrooms and tomatoes, green tea, pickles and seaweed with a Japanese style poached egg and, of course, Miso sauce.


 Ambassador Townhouse, Southport



Knickerbocker Breakfast Glory; layer of homemade fruit compote, muesli and natural creamy Greek yoghurt drizzled with honey. They also offer the Breakfast Burger; a fresh bread roll packed full of country pot sausage patty, dressed with tasty Lancashire cheese and topped off with a perfect poached egg.



Fairlight Lodge, Norfolk


Kedgeree; originating from colonial India this breakfast dish was first introduced it to the UK in Victorian times, part of the then fashionable Anglo-Indian cuisine. Fairlight Lodge re-creates this Victorian classic in their Victorian B&B. Kedgeree consists of cooked flaked fish boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs and curry powder.


The Bell Inn Broadway, Somerset


A traditional Olde English breakfast which includes a pint of real ale instead of tea or coffee!

Join us next week for even more delicious and unique dishes that our UK B&B and small hotels are serving up. 





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