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Any room at the inn this Christmas? Bookings are significantly up for Christmas Day this year!

Updated on 05/04 2019

It’s looks like more and more families will be making use of independent accommodation during this years festive season. We analysed our customers data and found that forward bookings for Christmas Day were up by a staggering 111.3% from last year! So more than double the amount of people want to stay with independent hosts and hoteliers this year – which is brilliant news!

But why is this? It seems that more people are opting to be close to their extended families at Christmas- but not too close. And B&B’s provide the perfect get away for when you need some festive breathing space. We know that everyone has to attend the mandatory Christmas family occasion, but sometimes staying under one roof with the in-laws can leave you feeling like a simmering Christmas pudding! So B&B’s and independent accommodation offer a wonderful, comfortable and useful way to de-stress from the pressures of the holiday season.

And it’s not just Christmas Day, rooms are filling up fast for Christmas Eve too! And people are particularly looking to spend Christmas Eve in Scotland! We found that bookings were up by a whopping 30% for the most northern UK region.

We can see that forward bookings as whole over the festive period (between 24th November to 16th December) are up across the whole of the UK. It’s looking particularly impressive in Scotland with forward bookings up by 36.4% from last year.  And just behind is North East England who are up by 13.7% and South West England who are up by 7.1%.

So it looks like it’s going to be a merry Christmas for British B&B’s, guest houses and small hotels for this festive year!

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