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Have your say – the eviivo awards shortlisted properties takeover!

Updated on 02/06 2021

In the run up to The eviivo Awards, we are going to be talking to a few of our shortlisted properties to find out how they feel about being shortlisted and what they do that makes a stay with them extra-special.

Checking in first is Lesley from The Old School and Betty’s Cottage who is up for The Outstanding Host award. She tells us all about the how they converted an old school into a beautiful B&B. She also tells us about the time a guest wanted a lobster dinner so she called in a favour with a local fisherman to catch one, picked it up and took it to a restaurant and asked them to cook it for her guests – talk about going the extra mile!

Next to check in is Maggie from Enchanted Manor who is up for The Quirkiest Place to Stay award. She tells us about why they fell in love with creating accommodations that are out of the ordinary and how they are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. They also tell us how a separated couple who had previously got married that their property nearly ended up booking to stay again at the same time with their new partners – that could have got awkward!

Last to check in is Ellie and Gillian from The Heritage B&B who are up for The Most Beautifully Presented award. They tell us what it’s like to open a luxury B&B in your 60’s and 70’s and why hiring a photographer for their website was the best thing they did. They also tell us of their shock when they found a young man’s underwear in one of the rooms, covered in a ‘love god’ print!

Listen to this month’s podcast here:

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