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Have Your Say – The Halloween Special!

Updated on 28/11 2018

We’re no stranger to ghost tales at eviivo, in fact they say that the ghost of Joseph Grimaldi still haunts the eviivo building. With Halloween in mind we wanted to speak to some of our customers that have experienced spooky encounters at their properties.

First to tell us their creepy tale is Gareth from The Manor House Hotel in Country Durham who was featured on the TV show ‘Britain’s Most Haunted’ 12 years ago. He tells us about how people still want to stay in the infamous room 8, to try and make contact with the ghost that has been scaring guests for years; including one guest who was so scared after his boots were thrown across the room, that he slept in his car!

Next to tell us their ghostly story is Paul from The Fox Inn in The Cotswolds. He tells us the story of the time his mum told a friendly ghost that if she must keep flicking on the kettle late at night, to at least make her a cup of tea! He also recalls the time a spiritualist was transported to the past and saw the room appearing like the 1850’s and a lady with a tray of tea in her room.

Listen to this months podcast below:

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