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Have your say! We talk to more shortlisted properties!

Updated on 01/06 2021

With The eviivo Awards just under two months away, we are speaking to some of the shortlisted properties to find out how they feel about being shortlisted. And to see if they can offers some helpful hints about running a successful business.

Checking in first is Ida from The Pearl Hotel. She tells us how she worked in the chain restaurant The Harvester for ten years, before taking it over and converting it into a boutique hotel.

Next to check in is Jude and Paul from Darsham Old Hall, who tell us how they manage to run their luxury B&B whilst managing an and adorable alpaca farm.

Last to check in is Jackie and Paul from the Who’d Have Thought It Inn who tell us the history of their unique name as well as the tale of the previous landlord who claims the ghost of ex-landlord Abraham Beer (seriously) once stood over him with an axe!

Listen to this month’s podcast here:

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