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Top strangest requests – part 4

Updated on 08/04 2019

It’s time for another top strangest requests! We know that all hosts and hoteliers are probably no stranger to an odd request from a guest every now and again. So, we asked you (…again), what stands out as the most random thing you’ve ever been asked for.

We always receive responses that range from the slightly odd to the down right bizarre. And our previous blogs have been featured in  the Daily MailThe Sun and the New Zealand Herald, so we thought we would bring you even more:

To decorate the room in calming colours before their arrival

I’m sure re-decorating in between guest stays is just what Wadham Guesthouse has time for.


That I let someone smoke cannabis on my front doorstep

I guess the guest took the ‘make yourself at home’ message a bit too literally at Artists Cottage nr. Crystal Palace.


To get a hair cut and remove my piercings

A request we hope they didn’t deliver at Dukeries Hotel.


“Please return my husband’s Viagra, I left it under the bed and I need it”

A romantic request at The Victory at Mersea Well.


“How much would you charge to be a butler in the buff?”

 So, how much, Wheelbrook Mill?


For a helicopter landing pad

A bit of spray paint in the garden should fix this, Carbery Cottage Guest Lodge.


Can they have a slice of bread with ice cream

You’ve got us curious, Bowes Hotel.


“Can I borrow a cordless drill to polish my propeller?”

How did they fit a boat in their room, Gallery Guesthouse? 


I’ve been asked for cremated bacon as in burnt to the point of charcoal otherwise the guest couldn’t eat it..


Burning away that delicious taste at York House.


Orange juice on Cornflakes

Maybe it’s an acquired taste? Garemount Lodge.

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We believe that it is these funny stories that add to the uniqueness and personality of independent accommodation, so if you’d like to read more eviivo’s stories click here.


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