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Top strangest guest requests- Part 3

13 January, 2017

Regardless of whether you run a small B&B or Inn an independent hotel, a restaurant with rooms or a self-catering apartment you’re probably no stranger to a peculiar request from a guest every now and again. So, we asked you, what stands out as the oddest thing you’ve ever been asked for.

We had an abundance of responses that range from the slightly odd to the down right bizarre. Our previous blogs have been featured in both the Daily Mail and the New Zealand Herald, so we thought we would bring you even more:

One young male guest asked if he would be allowed to wear gold lame hot pants to breakfast!

shutterstock_553277143That’s one way to add some sparkle to the breakfast table for this property 

36 tea bags

shutterstock_549049969This guest required a very specific amount of tea at The Barleycorn Inn

Six hot water bottles

shutterstock_521603662Are they expecting a snowstorm at Glasson Mews

A guest from New York asked if we could make the room noisy as it was too quiet and she couldn’t sleep

shutterstock_553067962Maybe you could have tried beeping your car horn outside their room and randomly shouting throughout the night at Crowfield Country House?

A tin of prunes to take home with them

shutterstock_552661966 Did they have a spare tin at the back of the cupboard at Old School House


shutterstock_547001509At least they’re safe at Upper Ansdore

If the sink in the en suite was big enough to wash her feet!

shutterstock_551762194I guess it depends on how big they are? Merwerydd Guest Accommodation 

A packet of skittles

shutterstock_529148986Sometimes only a pack of Skittles will do at Crystals on the Prom

A very expensive set of photographs prints

“When running a lodge in the middle of nowhere a guest wanted prints of his pictures done. The answer was – of course yes! To do so we would have to: charter a helicopter to fly to the closest town with a photographic printing facility, pay the landing and parking fees at the airport, pay for the taxing into town and the waiting charge whilst the pictures were printed, pay for the printing and pay for the member of staff. Total cost approximately £8,000. The guest declined.”shutterstock_553594387Well they say some photographs are priceless, but maybe there is a limit in this instance at No.21 York

Half a fried egg!

shutterstock_553231000Why not just treat yourself to a whole egg? 

That we turn off all the Wi-Fi and broadband as the waves affect his thinking

shutterstock_552209161A reasonable request at The Old School House B&B

Check out part 1 and part 2 of our top strangest guest requests. 

We believe that it is these funny stories that add to the uniqueness and personality of independent accommodation, so if you’d like to read more eviivo’s stories click here.

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