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We spoke to Snooze in Brighton about their recent ‘Funkiest B&B’ win at the AA awards

15 July, 2016

Recently, we got to switch the busy city for a relaxed day at the seaside visiting the winners of the ‘Funkiest B&B award’ at the 2016 AA awards, Snooze. Not only did they win big at the AA awards they’ve also been shortlisted for our very own eviivo awards in the ‘Quirkiest Place to Stay’ category. So here’s what they had to say about their recent success:

Congratulations on winning the ‘funkiest B&B’ at the recent AA awards, what does winning this award mean to you?

Well it’s recognition of the efforts and commitment that we’ve put into the B&B over the past ten years. So it’s like a nice little anniversary present. It’s really good and a really nice recognition.  

What makes a stay at Snooze different from anywhere else?

Because you’ve got what is a very unassuming Victorian terrace outside, as you walk through the front door you’re just hit with a wash of eclectic and vintage décor everywhere. We designed it so that it’s incredibly memorable, there’s loads of things to look at, and it’s like a feast for the eyes. That’s certainly one of the things that we like to think that makes a big impact on guests when they arrive at Snooze.

We have got eight rooms all together that are certainly not themed in any way, it’s more individually styled, so every room has its own character. People can then choose the room that appeals to them most. There’s definitely a strong leaning towards mid-century furnishings with all original pieces in the room. And each room is different but everything is vintage with a massive mash up of stuff that we’ve found at flea-markets and antique fayres. We trawled around for years picking up bits and pieces and put it all together. That’s what makes it so unique because you’re never going to find this mixture anywhere else, you can’t just go into Ikea and buy it all of the shelf. It’s been a bit of a labour of love with ten years to build and it’s a never ending process. You’re forever finding things and even running out of room, so we are always moving stuff around; which is good because you’re always keeping the rooms fresh. That’s important in Brighton, when you’re in a place that has hundreds of hotels, guest houses and B&B’s, to stay on top of your game.

How do you keep guests coming back?

We try and run the place in a laid back, friendly way and it runs pretty much like a hotel. We try not to be in your face but always there if you need us. You get all the things you need if you’re new to Brighton or if you need information but we try and leave the guests alone, and let them come and go as they please, so they feel really at home here. And one of us is always about every day.

The attitude, philosophy and vibe of the place is to keep it laid back. And that’s a reflection of us as people so we want to make guests feel relaxed when they come. We don’t live on the premises so it’s not our home and there isn’t that situation where you come in late at night and walk past and the owners sitting in the front room and you’re worried about what time to come in. That’s a very outdated situation, so it’s very much come and go as you please.

Plus a fabulous breakfast, great shower and comfy bed! They are the three ingredients. As stylish, different and unique as we like to think it is, we’re not style over substance because you have to deliver a really good underlying quality product. A quality service and breakfast, because if you just look great but don’t have those elements too, it wouldn’t be as memorable as it is.

Can you tell us the story behind how you both got into the industry?

We were friends for a long time, we met in Sheffield about 25 years ago. I used to be a teacher living in Brighton and tony used to be a suit in London, and an opportunity presented itself and we thought it would be quite an exciting thing to do, it’s a different lifestyle. And here we are, ten years later.

And for fun, what’s the strangest thing that’s ever been left behind in a guest bedroom?

There’s been a few bits and pieces left behind and quite a few… well you know… toys… adult toys. One in particular was quite memorable, it was quite large. It cost quite a lost to post it back. The ladies in questions rang up and requested that we post it back. I don’t know if I was more shocked about seeing it or about them having the audacity to get us to post it back. It was a shocker.


AA BB Awards 2016 - 040 snooze

Here is the Snooze team at the AA awards earlier this year with Giovanna Grossi and Peter Sturdey. 

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