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We’ve been to the judging of ‘The Marmalade Awards’ at Dalemain Mansion

27 February, 2017

A group of marmalade experts gathered in a set of intimate and cosy rooms of the magnificent Dalemain Mansion in Cumbria. The fire lit, tea poured and scones freshly-baked, these food experts sit down to judge, critique, and most importantly; enjoy 650 jars of marmalade.



Marmalade jars range from the classic lid with a cloth top to wild glitter creations with springs and googly eyes. Flavours range from strong whiskey’s and soft strawberries to the unique bubblegum and the surprising peanut butter. You can see preserves made from the seasoned maker to first-timers. 


So what are the Marmalade Awards?

Founded in 2005 by Jane Hassell-McCosh who is the owner of Dalemain House the idea was to grow and widen one of the most English customs. And preserving something that showcases how quirky Britain is. And looking around the room of unique and varied preserves, you can definitely see the British personality shining though.

The awards are held in the Dalemain House, which offers a quintessentially English setting. This Georgian stately home has been lived in by the same family for over 300 years and hold an impressive archive of marmalade recipes. The awards inspire people from all over the world to take part and they receive jars from as far as Yukon, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and South Korea.   

So why are the awards important?

  • To champion international and national excellent standards for making marmalade using Seville oranges and other citrus fruits.
  • To educate people young and old on the preserving of fruits and understanding its heritage.
  • Supporting and nurturing the small and commercial producers of citrus fruit and marmalade worldwide.
  • To support the community and tourism industry and getting visitors to the UK and Cumbria.

How are eviivo involved?   

We are sponsoring the eviivo Prize for the best citrus preserve to go with a traditional cooked breakfast. Which is in the Hotel, B&B and Restaurant category. This category is specifically for businesses that make their own marmalade in their kitchens for guests to enjoy. We believe that independent businesses like you provide the very best standard of breakfast; furthermore, it’s all part of the service- something that larger hotel chains just can’t compete with. So this award gives you the opportunity to get your marmalade on the map and gives your breakfast the recognition it deserves.

Here is Mrs Hassell-McCosh and Dan Lepard judging this category: 


Here are some of the quirkiest jars we saw when we visited the Marmalade Award judging:

The winners will be announced at the annual Marmalade Festival and Awards on March 17th 2015 in Penrith. 

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