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What I did before I owned a B&B!

11 September, 2015

We wanted to find out what some of our 5000+ customers did for before embarking on their B&B journey.

Below are ten of the most interesting responses we received:

  1. Boat Builder



We bet these woodwork skills come in handy for DIY projects at the Mulberry Cottage B&B.

2. Training to be a forensic psychologist


This training is vital for cracking cases such as the mystery of the missing false teeth at Pebble House.

3. Entertainer


You won’t be short of entertainment at the Fairway Lodge.

4. Worked for the Saudi Royal Family


We hope to be greeted with a crown, cape and a curtsey at Drayton Lodge!

5. Cabin Crew


They’ve got their feet firmly on the ground now at The Pier Hotel.

6. Ran their own plant nursery and garden


They definitely know how to impress green-fingered guests at Lower Severalls Farmhouse.

7. Designer for television working on various studio productions and film work.


With all that practice, we’re certain all guests get treated like celebrities at Ravenstone Guest House.

8. Shopper Behaviourist


A professional shopper is sure to point you in the right direction for the best buys in the area at The Hare Lodge.

9. Ran an island in Zanzibar


We think running a B&B in England is similar to running a tropical island… maybe slightly colder though at Bell & the Dragon.

10. Ran a body art company and jazz agency


Maybe they can teach you some crazy body art or you could just listen to some smooth jazz at the Fitz Guest House.

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