18 April 2022

5 things customers look for in a vacation rental ⁠— and how to meet their needs

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With warmer months approaching, an influx of travelers will soon be hitting the road. When you consider that these adventurers have spent more time indoors over the past two years than perhaps ever before due to the Covid-19 pandemic — they’re extra ready to start exploring again!

However, it’s important to understand what travelers’ new demands and expectations are for vacation rentals, B&Bs and boutique hotels as we move into spring and summer. Here’s how you can cater to their needs to offer an unforgettable booking and guest experience, and ultimately, win over a repeat customer.

Five new rules to expect from travelers — and how to master the art of accommodation.

1. Vacation renters prefer using credit cards.

News flash: The overwhelming majority of renters in 2022 prefer to use credit cards over any other payment method. The reason? Most renters are booking their getaways online, and they prefer to work out trip details at the moment they’re booking — including payment.

eviivo’s Payment Manager is the easiest way for hosts and property owners to accept online payments. Our platform enables instant transactions in any currency, from all major card types – including PayPal – with fraud protection on all transactions.

No need to type card numbers into a card reader! Cards are automatically validated with 3D secure, or even pre-authorized. And it takes only one click to charge or refund a card, in full Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance.

2. Guests want to know all the charges up front.

Don’t bury important charges in the fine print — such as food or beverage upcharges, cleaning fees or restocking fees. Your online reputation can have an adverse reaction if people perceive you as trying to take advantage, and this can ultimately affect volume of future bookings. Nobody likes hidden fees — including your prospective guests!

We recommend placing any additional fee policies prominently in your listing, so your guests know exactly what to expect. Additionally, provide a reasoning for any fees so that renters have an understanding for why they’re paying them. Your five-star rating will thank us!

3. Safety has become a main priority to renters.

Nothing prompts a negative review quicker than if your guests don’t feel safe. Locks not working? Sharp objects lurking on your property? Pool deck a bit slicker than most? Fix any safety hazards immediately, and if not possible to do so now, at least make your guests aware of them.

Seek to make your guests feel safe and comfortable at all times, so they can focus on the good stuff — having an amazing experience and enjoying your property. To up your safety game even more, consider integrating with eviivo partners that can take your guests’ well-being to the next level!

Vikey offers a cloud-based online check-in that can generate door codes, provide a full guest check-in service, manage guest IDs and send statutory notifications to police and local authorities. LuggageHero and Bounce suggest safe and trusted places for bag storage before check-in or after check-out. Touch Stay allows hosts to communicate with their guests through digital welcome books to help guests feel safe, comfortable and secure.

Explore even more eviivo partners on our Find a Solution page.

4. Renters now prefer more clarity on your offerings.

Always be transparent about your property’s offerings, its size and any other factors that might cause a guess to scratch their head upon arrival.

Make it a personal challenge: How can I make my property the absolute best it can be, and create an incredible experience for guests? Then, maintain 100% transparency about each aspect of your offerings.

Once your offerings are in order, learn how to improve the marketability of them by taking advantage of taking stunning photography, improving SEO, and establishing effective communication.

5. Travelers now want a purposeful, authentic experience.

For all the day to day aspects of a guest’s stay, consider the needs and amenities you can offer, especially since they now look for a purposeful, authentic experience.

How much local culture is integrated in your property? How much outdoor space can you provide? What can you do to make them feel like they’re having a truly authentic experience that no other nearby property can provide?

Once guests feel their expectations are met, they tend to be much more generous with reviews. So reap the benefits of providing a once-in-a-lifetime, meaningful stay and enjoy a stronger online reputation and a higher likelihood for future bookings!

For additional tips on becoming an outstanding host, check out Simple steps for hosting unforgettable stays this summer, along with Debunking 5 booking software myths for B&Bs and small hotels.

[Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash]

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