12 July 2022

5 Ways Multi-Property Can Boost Your Business

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Launching your first short-term rental property is an exciting step – but opening numerous locations – now that’s a feat! For those bold and savvy individuals who are able to reach this real estate peak, we can appreciate how much work is required. Moreover, we understand the challenges that managing multiple properties can present, quite often resulting in “spreading yourself too thin.”

For multi-property managers, here’s good news: We’ve developed a full, industry-leading software specifically geared to help simplify managing multiple properties and take your marketing to the next level. We call it… Multi-Property!

Here are 5 ways our Multi-Property software can boost your business.

1. Seamlessly showcase your full portfolio, increasing revenue.

How can Multi-Property increase revenue for your business? Easy! By integrating your short-term rentals into one seamless and powerful online offering, with each piece working together, you can attract more visitors and convert at a higher level.

Multi-Property was thoughtfully designed to make showcasing each of your properties a breeze. Visitors can effortlessly navigate your new or existing websites to find their perfect accommodation.

Enjoy sleek designs, easy navigations and smart integrations created specifically for multi-property owners!

2. Use one booking engine for all.

Keeping track of multiple property sites that use different booking engines can get tedious very fast. With eviivo Multi-Property, all your properties integrate with the same exact booking engine.

Save time with all your property’s bookings in one place, and stay sane with our beginner-friendly interfaces which are, once again, geared specifically for multi-property owners.

Bonus: All direct bookings are 100% commission-free. We’re all about putting more money in your pocket!

3. Take advantage of our multi-property Website Builder.

As an eviivo Suite user with Multi-Property, you get our Website Builder tool for FREE! Not a web developer? Not to worry. We’ve gone to great lengths to simplify the entire web-making process, so that you can drag-and-drop and plug-and-play with the right images and text until each of your property sites are looking their best.

Our Website Builder sites are fully customizable, designed to increase direct bookings and require no hosting or development fees.

Once your sites are set, take your marketing a step further. Here is our guide to capturing stunning short-term rental photography; here is a resource for getting more visitors to your site; and here‘s a handy article on SEO tactics to rank higher on online travel agency sites.

4. Synchronize all your properties and channels.

When it comes to managing and marketing multi-properties, we’re here to make your life easier.

Use Multi-Property for short-term rentals to synchronize content, photos, rates and availability, between your point of sale, your individual property websites, and all major booking sites like Booking.com, Google Hotel Ads, Airbnb, Vrbo and more. (Seriously, if you’ve ever had to do this manually – this is a game-changer!)

Avoid over-bookings and reduce technical dependencies, along with development and hosting costs. Plus, accept more commission-free direct bookings from any device in real-time, and reduce your dependency on big agencies – We call that giving power to the people!

5. Ensure it all stays secure.

With eviivo, your multi-property site ties directly into our booking engine where we have PCI Level 1 compliance. This safety measure ensures your online visitors feel safe about booking directly from your site, which is important to convert first-time visitors who might be considering any of your properties.

And what about those who find you from an online travel agency? We’ve got you covered. For customers who book via online travel agency, a booking reconfirmation is automatically sent to them, inviting them to review their booking details on your website and pay any outstanding balance to you directly. These customers can pay then or sometime within your designated timeframe, at their convenience.

Smart, easy and catering to managers of two or more short-term rentals, Multi-Property is a must to save you time and money, while maximizing booking and revenue opportunities.

Start reaping the benefits now by clicking “Get Started Today,” and get the best property management for short-term rental companies on the market, designed specifically for multi-property.

For more information on how to manage more than one short-term rental, Airbnb, hotel and more, see our Guide to Effective Property Portfolio Management.

Lead photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash.

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