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Top 15 strangest guest requests – Part 2

28 September, 2016

As an accommodation provider, you’re probably no stranger to a peculiar guest request now and again. So, we asked you, what stands out as the oddest thing you’ve ever been asked for. The responses came in their masses and range from the slightly odd to the down right bizarre. After our first post on the subject was featured in both the Daily Mail and the New Zealand Herald, we thought it might be good to go for round two:

So here are the next top 15:


Can the parrot stay? 


They’ll be hearing ‘who’s a pretty boy’ all night at Newcourt Barton


For a massage at 2 am


Time to grab those essential oilsAtlanta


 A phone call at 1.30 am to come and remove a money spider from their room


Arachnophobia knows no size at The Red House East


For us to tear the toilet paper into separate pieces


Time to start ripping the rolls at this property


A sea view  request when we don’t have a view of the sea! 


A sand pit and a padding pool on the balcony should do the trick, Babbacombe Hall Guest Accommodation


Can the gulls be quietened?


Well, they can. But we’re not sure how legal it is do it at The Shellbrooke


Roast chicken for breakfast


It’s an even earlier start at Park Lodge, to get this roasting in time for breakfast


They wanted an omelette with no eggs


Time to get creative with the culinary process at Carn Mhor Bed and Breakfast 


To organise a few German Shepherds dogs to carry our guests bags from the taxi to the apartment


If you don’t ask, you don’t get, Kensington Apartments


Can I send his 3 battery operated vibrators back?


Let’s hope they didn’t go off in the posties sack, Givendale Guest House


The shirt off my back, literally!


Well, when you’ve got style like the owners at Penrose B&B


A bath full of beer


We’re not sure how sanitary this is, but we’re on board! Ye Horns Inn


A pair of my husbands underpants


Haven’t they heard of the inside out trick? Bluebell House B&B


Did we stock spare false teeth as the guest had forgotten his?


Having teething problems at this property 


To keep her rabbits in the room with her 


They’d be driving The Heather’s in Christchurch hopping mad, if they weren’t so cute


To explain why the sea kept moving up and down the beach


If you know the answer, comment below, this one’s still bugging us! Grand Hasting 

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  1. I was working reception and there were guests in the bar who asked me to be a witness whilst signing their wills – I did it!

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