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Apartments Storchenfärbe eliminated fake bookings with eviivo’s help

The Apartments Storchenfärbe are located in a listed building in Memmingen in the Unterallgäu. They have been extensively renovated and furnished to a luxurious standard, following the motto “the best for our guests”.

apartments Storchenfärbe
Exterior of the property


Before business partners Jasmine Bernabé and Ulrich Gerber decided on eviivo, they had already worked with a hotel property management system and a channel manager from two different providers. However, it proved too much effort as many processes still had to be controlled manually, such as issuing invoices and taking payments. The biggest issue they faced was fake bookings. The hosts regularly had guests who made bookings but never arrived and payment was never received.

These no-shows led to large losses because the hosts not only missed out on the revenue of the rooms but on top of that had to pay handling fees to their channel manager provider. Therefore, they were looking for a system that would reduce the amount of work and their costs, at the same time as removing the fake bookings they kept receiving.


Apartments Storchenfärbe signed up with eviivo and replaced their two separate systems with eviivo suite – providing both a property management system and channel manager from one single source. The installation took place over two free training sessions and within two weeks, Storchenfärbes Apartments were set up and connected to all travel portals. All bookings, payments, fees and invoices are now processed via eviivo. The Payment Manager automatically checks credit cards and charges them according to the highest security standards, so that hosts no longer have to pay for no-shows or late cancellations. In addition, Ms. Bernabé and Mr. Gerber now saved hours each week on administration.


Thanks to eviivo suite, the hosts were able to significantly reduce their workload and save on a lot of unnecessary costs. Since all payments now run through eviivo’s booking system, no-shows are no longer a problem and there are no more losses from missing payments.

“We save a lot of time and work and the income has increased enormously due to the elimination of the fake bookings and no-shows.”

The owners of the Storchenfärbe Apartments were able to leave their previous problems behind and run the administration of their apartments smoothly with eviivo’s all-in-one solution. They now have more security and peace of mind to provide their guests with a great stay.

“eviivo is reliable, affordable and it saves us a lot of work.”

– Ulrich Gerber
Ulrich Gerber and Jasmine Bernabé
Business Partners Jasmine Bernabé & Ulrich Gerber

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