Making a Profit

15 events that you can host at your bed and breakfast!

Organising an event is a great way to make sure your property stands out – and boost your profits! This could be something held inside your property or perhaps within your grounds or even a tour of the local area. Obviously, the events that you can put on, depend entirely on what type of property you have and what’s available to do in your local area, but here are 15 ideas to inspire you:

1. Host a speed dating evening

Why not help your locals and guests find love with a speed dating evening!

2. Murder mystery evening

Everyone’s a suspect, when an evening of fine dining turns into guests playing detective and searching for clues to track down the murderer before it’s too late.

3. Live music

Why not help local musicians, singers and bands showcase their talent at your property? Don’t overdo it though, one night a week is plenty.

4. Comedy night

Make your guests cry with laughter with an evening of comedic entertainment.

5. Christmas Crafts

Making a little Christmas keepsake to take home could be the perfect event at your property… and guests will need Christmas cards to send to their loved ones!

6. Ghost hunting

Do you have spooky happenings in your property? Why not whip out the Ouija boards and scare your guests?

7. Teach a course

Are you a dab hand with a sewing machine? Can you make clay pottery? Whatever your talent, why not teach it to your guests? Or hire a professional to offer a course at your property.

8. Quiz night

Get groups together to show off their general knowledge with a quiz night.

9. Guided walks of the area

Show off your expert knowledge about your local area by offering a guided tour of the nearby attractions – you could even make packed lunches for the day too!

10. Go fossil hunting or metal detecting

If you live in a fossil hunting hotspot, teach your guests how to find their own ammonite or dinosaur tooth to take home with them. Or take them metal detecting on the beach if you’re near one.

11. Get your dance on

If you’re not a natural groover, you could hire a local professional to come and teach your guests to rumba, waltz or jive.

12. Wine tasting

Gather local wine aficionados, to learn, taste and get merry.

13. Marmalade and jam making

We know that so many of you make your own preserves, why not share your talent with guests?

14. Host a treasure hunt

A scavenger hunt could be a great way for your guests to explore and get to know the local area!

15. Host a BBQ

Get those sausages sizzling on a hot day to pull in the guests.

Obviously these are only suggestions and you might come up with your own events that suit your clientele and property even better. To find out more about what you need to do put on an event at your bed and breakfast, read our guide.

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