11 Heartwarming Tips for Valentine’s Day Hotel Bookings

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Love is in the air! As a hotelier, how do you capitalize on the opportunity to attract couples looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day stay? 

Here are 11 tips to help you attract, promote, and make the most from romantic getaway bookings. 

1. Strategic pricing

Naturally, you want to optimize your revenue from high demand dates like Valentine’s Day. So a great first step is to implement dynamic pricing.

Set rules to automatically adjust your pricing so that your rates rise as you fill up, and decrease when you need to attract more guests. This allows you to make the most revenue from special events like Valentine’s, without lifting a finger!

2. Exclusive offers

Create exclusive offers if you want more bookings for the Valentine’s period. Consider setting up discounts on extended stays, romantic extras, or special packages that cater to couples celebrating their love. 

Why not use a PMS with an integrated promo manager that allows you to choose from a wide range of promotional tools by channel?

3. Secure online booking process

Your guests should have a smooth experience with you at every step of their romantic getaway – beginning from the moment they make the booking. 

So, ensure your website makes it easy for guests to book directly with you via a seamless integrated booking engine. For added peace of mind, we recommend offering secure payment collection in full Level 1 PCI compliance.

Remember: A secure and hassle-free booking experience could be the thing that motivates couples to choose your hotel over the competition! 

4. Pre-stay messages

Once your guests have booked, it’s time to start sharing the love! Send pre-stay messages to gather their specific preferences, such as favorite music or meals. Using this information to personalize your guests’ experience from the get-go will set the stage for a memorable stay. 

With the right guest manager tools, you can easily message guests who’ve booked from OTAs as diverse as Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb and Vrbo, all from one unified messaging inbox.

5. Wellness retreats

Many couples expect relaxation and rejuvenation to be part of their shared getaway. If your hotel offers such amenities, consider developing wellness-focused packages that combine spa treatments, yoga classes, and any other wellness experiences you offer.

It’s a wonderful way to create a holistic, romantic and unique guest experience

6. Engaged staff

Of course, your staff should be trained to provide warm and attentive service at all times of year. But it’s especially important on dates like Valentine’s Day! Positive interactions with hotel staff really are crucial to creating a wonderful stay for couples. 

In fact, an engaged and enthusiastic staff can boost the overall guest experience at any time – learn more about mastering your hotel’s guest communication.

7. Social media

Leveraging user-generated content on social media is a fantastic way to create a buzz around your hotel, turning your existing guests into your very own hotel marketing team. So, encourage guests to share their swoon-worthy experiences with you on social. 

One way to do this is by organizing social media contests. Offer special prizes for the most romantic photo taken at your hotel, or the loveliest Valentine’s Day story that is shared! 

8. Targeted communication

You’ve created your Valentine’s Day packages and offers – now it’s time to promote them! Use your social media, emails, newsletters, and other communication channels to promote your getaway and build anticipation around Valentine’s Day. 

For example, you may wish to execute targeted email campaigns that highlight your exclusive Valentine’s Day packages and offerings to your subscriber list. 

By creating compelling content, you’ll be able to catch the attention of couples who are seeking a romantic escape. From there, consistent and targeted communication will keep your hotel top-of-mind.

9. Personalized experiences

Provide personalized services such as romantic messages in rooms, special floral arrangements, or customized menus for dinners. These thoughtful touches contribute to a unique and unforgettable stay for couples.

And if you really want to sweep your guests off their feet, how about presenting couples with surprise amenities? Complimentary champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, personalized notes; unexpected gestures like these can leave a lasting positive impression.

10. Loyalty programs

If you’re eager to drive repeat bookings at the most romantic time of year, consider setting up a Valentine’s Day loyalty program. Offer rewards or discounts for future bookings made during this period. By doing so, you’ll encourage repeat business from those guests who’ve already chosen your hotel for their romantic getaway. 

Think of it as a little boost to set couples on the path to making your hotel their new Valentine’s Day tradition!

11. Customer testimonials

What’s more likely to inspire confidence and drive bookings than seeing real experiences shared by happy couples? By showcasing positive reviews and testimonials from previous Valentine’s Day guests on your website and socials, you build trust and credibility among potential visitors. 

eviivo Suite’s unified guest inbox collects your guest reviews in one place, making it easier to choose which to display on your website in time for Valentine’s Day.

In conclusion, with these 11 strategic tips, you can enhance your hotel’s appeal for couples looking to celebrate their love. By combining personalized services, clever marketing efforts, and engaging guest experiences, you’ll boost Valentine’s Day bookings and leave an impression that guests will cherish.

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Table of contents

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