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What’s so special about the eviivo – Hotels.com connection?

Want to showcase your accommodation to travelers across the world? Hotels.com is a go-to platform. And with eviivo’s Channel Manager, you get a 2-way, direct connection to Hotels.com that puts you in charge, automatically. You enjoy:

● Real-time synchronization to help eliminate overbookings
● Instantly updated rates, availability, policies, photos & content
● A simple commission model – no bookings, no costs!
● Freedom to opt in and opt out in one click
● Hours of manual work saved with automatic onboarding and updates
● The ease of managing everything in one place

Whether you own a hotel, a seaside resort or a cozy B&B, connecting to Hotels.com is a strategic move you won’t regret! Opt in via eviivo Suite today.

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Why connect to Hotels.com?

Hotels.com is part of the Expedia network and specializes in offering accommodation services through its network of localized websites. It is a well-advertised travel brand, connecting people all over the world, and excelling at targeting last-minute vacationers, families and business travelers.

Hotels.com runs targeted advertising campaigns and acts as a shop window to countless potential visitors. It also runs a popular loyalty program and features extensive guest reviews that help other visitors find the most suitable accommodation for a given destination, whether they’re traveling for business or leisure.

Hotels.com has been a forerunner in the development of an award-winning mobile app version of their site to meet the growing demand for guests who book ‘on the move’.

If you have rooms to sell, Hotels.com is the place to be for international exposure.

So why not advertise your property on Hotels.com?

eviivo Suite

Hotels.com Property Management System

Find out more about
eviivo Suite’s features

The all-in-one booking software that puts you in control to run things your way. See what eviivo suite has to offer:

Property Manager
Property Manager

A beautifully designed booking calendar, automated confirmations and invoices, promotional rates, reports and a media library to store all your data.

Website Manager
Website Manager

A stunning website to showcase your property, combined with a powerful customisable booking engine that is mobile, SEO-friendly, and commission free.

Channel Manager
Channel Manager

Fully automated update of all major travel sites: rates, availability, promos, amenities, taxes, extras, fees & policies. Commission report & reconciliation.

Promo Manager
Promo Manager

Exclusive packages, promo codes, wide range of advanced promos & dynamic pricing rules.
Ultimate flexibility.

Guest Manager
Guest Manager

Unified messaging and automated guest communications with a “drag & drop” designer to personalise your messages. Guest reviews & preferences.

Performance Manager
Performance Manager

Business insights at your fingertips, easy to read graphics & snapshots. End-of-day report, Operational statement, Cleaning dashboard and more.

Payment Manager
Payment Manager

Secure card processing with Level 1 PCI compliance. Contactless check-in& check-out and fully automated payment or deposit collection.

Owner Manager
Owner Manager

Owner access management. Trust Accounting for bookings, charges & fees you need to pass on to owners. Cleaning & Maintenance Dashboard.

Disclaimer: ‘”Hotels.com” is a protected trademark that belongs to Expedia Inc. The trademark is used merely to describe the channel manager connection provided by eviivo. Any other information provided about “Hotels.com” is for general guidance only and was publicly available at the time it was published. eviivo makes no representations whatsoever as to the accuracy of this information over time. We encourage you to visit our partner directly to check this information with “Hotels.com”.

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