Before you get started with eviivo suite…

Getting your business data ready before you start will save you a huge amount of time. Just like professional cooks who prepare their ingredients carefully before they start cooking. Here is what’s involved…

  • 1. Get quality photos, with a minimum resolution of 1,280*768 pixels.

    Each digital photo should be over 1MB (ideally between 1MB and 2MB) in size. If you do not have quality photos, then put time aside to take good pictures of your property and rooms.  Most smartphone cameras are equipped with very powerful lenses and can achieve the required quality levels. (For tips on how to take great photos click here.)  Take photos with your smartphone, email them to yourself and save each picture file on your computer for later use.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking photos, then consider appointing a professional photographer.  It’s not that expensive and you’ll find it to be a most worthwhile investment!

  • 2. Prepare a good story

    put together mouth-watering descriptions of your business, your rooms, your services, and anything else in your area that would entice guests to stay with you. Highlight your commitment to guests, your values and why you are exceptional hosts.  However, be careful to manage expectations and avoid going over the top – this can lead to disappointed guests and poor reviews.  Generally, the more character, personality and originality you can bring to bear, the better. Give it plenty of thought, it’s your one opportunity to get this right, and tell the world your story!

  • 3. Rates and forward bookings.

    Have a list of all your current rate plans at hand as well as a list of any future bookings (you will need to enter these in eviivo suite at some point).

  • 4. Talk to your web designer

    or whoever hosts our current website and make sure they are aware of the upcoming change. If you do not have a website, you will need to register a domain name for your website.  For a list of major domain registrars, click here.

Once you are ready and armed with this data, just follow our getting started guide when you first log into eviivo suite and you’ll be ready in no time.