First, have you booked a hotel, guest house, B&B or other type of accommodation recently? If yes, go back to the booking confirmation that was sent to you when you made the booking. 

  • If your booking confirmation indicates that part, or all of the reservation was paid in advance, then the charge which appears under “eviivo” in your card or bank statement will match the amount displayed as the pre-paid amount on your booking confirmation. This charge was paid in advance and the hotel should not charge you for this amount again.
  • If your booking confirmation indicates that payment is only due on arrival at the B&B or hotel, it means that when you made your booking online, your reservation was guaranteed using your card details. NOTHING was charged to your card at this point, the card was merely validated and “pre-authorised” by your bank.  However:
    • Some banks and card providers display pre-authorised amounts online to their customers. A pre-authorisation is NOT a charge and no money has been taken from your card.  The bank merely pre-authorises the amount and displays it as a possible “future payment”.  Please check with your bank or card provider. 
    • You should also check the cancellation policy applicable to your reservation (printed on your booking confirmation). If you have passed the deadline beyond which late cancellation fees are due, the establishment you booked with has the right to charge your card up to the value of the late cancellation fees printed on your booking confirmation, since these are no longer refundable.   Please contact the B&B or hotel to check if have they have done so.  If they have charged this amount to your card, then it will show as pre-paid on your accommodation bill.  Therefore, you will not need to pay this amount again when you check-out, the hotel should only charge you any remaining balance, outstanding at the end of your stay.
    • If you believe that neither of the above scenarios apply and that a payment has been made in error please contact the B&B or hotel in the first instance and if you cannot resolve the matter with them, send an email to   Please type the word REFUND in the subject header, and make sure your email includes your booking reference, check-in date, full name and the name of the establishment you have booked with.  We will respond within 7 days, as it may take us time to contact and obtain a response from the establishment or trace and process the payment.