Precautions and what you need to know

  • If you think that you or one of your guests is infected, quarantine yourself and contact your doctor per the CDC.
  • If you think you are, yourself, in a high-risk group, because of your age or an underlying health condition, you should consider closing your business temporarily. Please do contact your local authority, bank and insurance to ask them to provide you with the appropriate relief in these extraordinary circumstances.  If only one of your close relatives is affected, and you would rather not close your business, consider renting a place temporarily for self-isolation if you can afford to.
  • For more up to the minute health advice consult
    • CDC – the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    • WHO – the World Health Organization site.
  • There is little testing going on in the US at present. However, some organizations are offering test kits by posts.
  • But please be wary of scams. The FDIC have stated that many scams are popping up to take advantage of fears surrounding coronavirus to sell bogus products, asking for donations and sending malicious email attachments. Always refer to official sources only. Read their Part 1 – Scammers Follow the Headlines and Part 2 – Coronavirus scams posts about avoiding scammers.


Source: World Health Organization

Reducing the spread of infection


Reducing the spread of infection



  1. When you or an employee are cleaning the property, wear gloves and thoroughly wash your hands afterward.
  2. Educate all your employees on the symptoms of coronavirus and how to reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Offer complimentary hand sanitizer and tissues to guests on arrival.
  4. Use rubber gloves when handling used dishes and silverware.
  5. When cooking for your guests, thoroughly cook all meats and eggs.

For more tips and advice on how to protect your business and employees and helpful guidance for employers consult: