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What’s so special about the eviivo – LateRooms API connection?

eviivo are a preferred LateRooms partner, and our two-way Laterooms Channel Manager gives you :

  • A real-time connection
  • Instant updates of prices, availability, content, photos and policies
  • Simple commission model – no bookings, no costs!
  • One click opt-in, one click opt-out!
  • Everything in one place, automatic onboarding and updates

Looking for a LateRooms channel manager? eviivo suite gives you the tools to make the most of this online travel agency!

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LateRooms will help you reach millions of English-speaking guests

So why not list your property on LateRooms?

What we like about LateRooms

Laterooms channel Manager

LateRooms is one of the leading UK travel agencies and operates across 6 countries in Europe. They offer visitors a huge choice of accommodation across every corner of the UK and provide great support to independently owned properties. They are excellent at filling vacancies with last minute bookings.

LateRooms feature over 150,000 hotels and, with a booking made every 4 seconds, they are the perfect partner to help you attract new customers. They excel at fulfilling regional demand and their site is supported by extensive advertising on TV and online. LateRooms tailor their communications to the customer’s experience and the reasons they are traveling. list a wide range of properties from B&Bs and independent hotels, to all-inclusive resorts, and they run a strong affiliate program giving you access to big UK websites like Cheaptickets, topcashback, travelrepublic and

LateRooms Property Management System

Find out more about eviivo suite's features

The all-in-one booking software that puts you in control to run things your way. See what eviivo suite has to offer:

Property Manager
Property Manager

A beautifully designed diary to manage guests and bookings with just one click on any device.

Website Manager
Website Manager

A commission-free responsive, SEO & mobile-friendly website to showcase your property.

Channel Manager
Channel Manager

A 2-way connection with instant synchronization to all major travel agencies.

Promo Manager
Promo Manager

Exclusive offers, packages and promo codes. Ultimate pricing flexibility by channel.

Guest Manager
Guest Manager

Guest reviews, personalized confirmations, and automated ‘welcome’/’thank you’ emails.

Performance Manager
Performance Manager

Business insights at your fingertips with accurate, easy-to-read graphics and invaluable snapshots.

Payment Manager
Payment Manager

Secure card processing in just one-click with full Level 1 PCI compliance.

Owner Manager
Owner Manager

Managing property owners made easy with the automatic calculation of the charges or booking fees you wish to pass on for your services.

Disclaimer: ‘”LateRooms” is a protected trademark that belongs to Malvern Enterprise UK Limited.. The trademark is used merely to describe the channel manager connection provided by eviivo. Any other information provided about “LateRooms” is for general guidance only and was publicly available at the time it was published. eviivo makes no representations whatsoever as to the accuracy of this information over time. We encourage you to visit our partner directly to check this information with “LateRooms”.

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